7 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Window Installation Company

Window replacement is a significant investment and hiring the right contractor for your window installation can make the difference between a smooth project and an endless headache. There are plenty of contractors who are interested in your window installation project, so knowing the right questions to ask can help ensure you make a smart choice.

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1. Are You Insured and Licensed?

This is the first question you need to ask to make sure you are working with a reputable contractor for your window replacement project. You are hiring someone to work in your home, and it is crucial that you are protecting yourself. Using a licensed contractor will protect you in case an issue arises. The insurance your contractor carries will protect you as the homeowner in the event any workers are injured on your property during the installation process. This insurance also covers any damage that may occur to your home during the window installation.

2. What is Included in my Estimate?

Your estimate should be itemized and allow you to see exactly what the projected expense for your project is. Your estimate should include parts, labor, clean up, and disposal. If your contractor doesn’t handle disposal, they should state this up front and give you some suggestions of how to handle disposing of your old windows. A quality contractor will have no issue with giving you a breakdown of expenses. This will be useful if there is any dispute or discrepancy as the project progresses.

3. Is Finishing Part of my Window Replacement?

Most homeowners don’t realize that finishing isn’t offered by all contractors. Some contractors will offer interior finishing, such as painting or trimming the window interior, but not all do. Make sure to ask exactly what is included, what the additional cost for these services are, and that any finishing is noted on the itemized estimate.

4. How Do You Handle Permits?

This is where hiring a local contractor for your window replacement project is key. Some places will require permits for window replacement, while others don’t. Your contractor should know whether you will need a permit, and if you do, the contractor should be the one to obtain it.

5. How Long Will My Window Replacement Take?

If you have ordered specialized windows, they can take a while before delivery. Your project may stretch out for a few months if you are waiting for materials. Your contractor should let you know what to expect so you can plan accordingly. Your contractor should also let you know how long you can expect the installation to take once the work begins.

6. What Materials Do You Suggest?

Your contractor may recommend certain brands over others. Make sure you understand what materials your contractor prefers, and why they don’t recommend the other options. There are plenty of options for materials and brands for your replacement windows, and when comparing contractors, it’s good to know what each contractor prefers to work with.

7. What Type of Warranty and Guarantee Do You Offer?

Although it’s comforting to think that a window replacement project means you won’t have to deal with any window issues, things can happen. Problems can arise weeks or months later. Make sure you know exactly what the warranty policy is in case you need it. This is also important for issues that may come up with regard to the workmanship. A good contractor should guarantee their work and have no problem putting it in writing.

After meeting with several local contractors and getting the answers to your questions, you should have a good sense of who you trust to take on your window replacement project. A quality contractor will have no problem answering your questions and letting you know they are the right one for the job. Armorvue Home Exteriors is the local contractor you can trust. With over 75 years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t and we’re happy to help guide you through the process. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.


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