Answering Your FAQs About Window Replacement Installation

Most homeowners will only take on a window replacement project once. Because of this, you may have a lot of questions about the process. Before committing to a window replacement project, ask questions and make sure you know what to expect.

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How Much Does a Window Installation Cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of window installation. You have the price of the window itself, the installation, and the cleanup cost. The cost usually starts at $200-300 for each window but can increase depending on damage that may need to be addressed, what materials you choose, and any other factors that come into play. Your window contractor should lay out all the costs associated at the very beginning of your window replacement project before any work is begun.

How Long Does Window Replacement Usually Take?

For a home with ten or fewer windows to be replaced and no underlying issues to repair, a window replacement project can usually be completed in one day. The rate of ten windows a day should last throughout the duration of your project. Difficult extractions, changing window size or style, or damage repair can add to the total time, but this should be explained during your estimate.

Do I Need to Prep My Home for Installation?

You will need to make sure your windows are easy to access. You will need to remove any blinds and curtains, and often it’s suggested to remove any artwork or photographs hanging close to the windows. You will also need to move furniture that may block access to the windows. Generally about three feet of space is enough for most contractors, but yours will let you know prior to starting the work. Some installs can create dust from the drywall, so covering the furniture is a good precaution.

Should I Be Home During the Installation?

Most window replacement contractors will leave this up to you. There is no reason to be home during your window installation unless you’d like to be. Your contractor will discuss everything with you prior to the installation beginning and will contact you immediately with any issues, so you won’t come home to surprises.

Will the Installation Leave My Home a Mess?

Window replacement contractors will take great care to leave your home in excellent shape. All debris from the window removal and installation will be removed and disposed of off site.

Are the Windows Put in From the Inside or Outside?

Usually, the work will take place both outside and inside. Inside installation is usually preferred, but many windows will need a method of outside install. This means that the window would be removed through the outside, and the new window installed from the outside against the interior stop. Then the finishing would take place inside. Your contractor will go through the method of installation for your window replacement project with you prior to beginning any work.

Who Takes Care of the Disposal?

In most cases, disposal of the old windows will be included as part of the installation process and noted as such in your estimate. Any debris from the installation will be cleaned up by the contractor and crew. If you prefer to take care of disposal on your own, you can speak to your contractor about options.

Window replacement is a big job and a big investment. It’s important to get your questions answered before beginning the process so you can be prepared. Speaking with a local window contractor is the best way to get your window replacement project started. Armorvue Home Exteriors has been installing quality windows in this area for decades. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.


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