Replacing Windows Yourself Can Lead to Problems

A window replacement project can be a big investment and some homeowners may wonder if they can save themselves some money by installing the windows on their own. There are several drawbacks to this plan. It may not be legal in your area to perform home improvement projects without proper training, and you may be denied the permits you need. Window replacement is a very time-consuming project and will take many days. This can lead to big problems. But even if installing your own windows is permitted and you have the time, it’s still not the best plan, even if it may save you money short-term.

Clean, bright new window installation.

Risk of Damage

Window replacement is a complex and time-consuming project. Measurements must be exact and most windows are custom made. When the old windows and frames are removed, the settling of the house has caused changes in the dimensions of the window opening, which will need to be sealed properly. The risk of making expensive mistakes is significant, which will cost more than just time and frustration. If you are attempting window replacement for the first time, the chances that you will cause damage to the windows, your home, or yourself is high. Those who install their own windows can suffer ladder falls or lacerations. In addition, many DIYers find themselves dealing with damage to the windows, the frames, and the walls of their home. Repairing structural damage is a major cost that could have been avoided with professional window replacement.

Energy Efficiency is Reduced with Poor Window Installation

One of the main benefits of window replacement is increased energy efficiency. When replacing windows yourself, getting the same seal as a professional is unlikely. Professional window installation teams work to guarantee that all seals are tight and won’t allow for any air to escape. Those who are inexperienced at window installation often leave small gaps or incomplete seals. Hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that the windows will be sealed completely, making them as energy efficient as possible.

Quality of Your Window Replacement May Suffer

The aesthetic quality, security, and safety of your window replacement project can suffer when attempting to replace windows yourself. Carelessly installed windows may look shoddy, harming your home’s curb appeal. Inferior windows may not stand up to heavy storms. They may also attract criminals who know that an improperly installed window will be easy to break. Professional window installers know how to properly seal windows, how to make the windows as attractive as possible, and how to add extra glazes to increase impact resistance.

DIY Window Replacement Leads to Trouble in the Future

Professional window replacement comes with warranties and guarantees on both products and labor. If something goes wrong, you will have someone to call for repairs. If you replace windows yourself, you will have no one to turn to if things go wrong, not to mention your warranty may be voided if a trained professional doesn’t do the installation. If you need to call for help later, any issues may make for even bigger repair bills. If you sell your home and an inspector questions the quality of the window installation, the money you tried to save by doing your own window replacement could turn into an expensive correction, and could cost you the sale of your home.

With all the drawbacks and risks of taking on a window replacement project yourself, it just doesn’t make sense to take it on. Hiring a professional to get the job done right will make the investment you make in your window replacement well worth it. Windows are a crucial part of your home, and having an expert to take on the job is the smart choice. Trust Armorvue Home Exteriors for your window replacement project. With over 75 years of installation experience and high quality products, you can rest assured knowing your investment will be a smart one. Contact us today for a virtual appointment!


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