Checklist for Hiring an Exterior Home Improvement Company

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When hiring an exterior home improvement company, there are plenty of things to consider. When you are first looking to hire, you are probably excited, overwhelmed, and looking ahead to the final product. However, if you don’t go into the process in an organized fashion, there is a good chance you’ll miss asking the important questions, skip steps along the way, and create issues for yourself in the long run.

Look At Your Budget

It’s so exciting to look at the possibilities of what could be, but it’s important to take a good look at your budget for the project and have a number in mind when you first look into hiring your exterior home improvement company. You may speak with a company and love what they propose, only to find that it’s double what you are able to spend. When you first make contact, it’s important to be up front about what you are looking for and how much your budget is. A reputable company will be up front as well and you will start the process on the same page.

Meet With Multiple Contractors and Ask the Right Questions

When you are investing in an exterior home improvement project, you should look into several contractors before committing. You want to check their credentials, their communication, professionalism, experience, and reputation. Once you’ve identified several possibilities, have them come to your property for an estimate. After this, you’ll be able to compare their plans and prices to make your decision. Good questions to ask include:

o   How long have you been in business?

o   How many similar projects have you completed?

o   What guarantees or warranties do you offer?

o   How long will it take to complete?

o   What payment plans do you offer?

o   Will I be able to reach you with questions and concerns during the project?

Get References

There are plenty of places to find this information. You can ask local groups online for references. Ask family, friends, and neighbors about work they’ve had done and who they would – and wouldn’t – recommend. Most quality contractors are proud to provide references of happy clients who will sing their praises but looking beyond what the contractor offers is a smart move as well. The contractor will usually have a portfolio, online or in print, and checking out their finished work is a good way to know what you can expect.

Make Sure All the Paperwork is in Order

There are two parts to this. First, you need to make sure that your exterior home renovation company has all their paperwork in order. Licenses, insurance, and certification are essential to knowing you chose the right contractor. Any good company should provide this information to you without issue. If they don’t, that’s a big red flag.

Once you have chosen your company, you need to make sure that before any money is exchanged or work is started that you have a contract that lays out all the details of your project. This contract should include all the pricing and payment information, start dates, work that will be done, detailed list of materials, what the contractor will handle (permits, clean up, etc.), and any other conditions.

Keep Good Records

When you hire an exterior home renovation company, it is important to keep track of every step of the process. Document any change orders, correspondence with the contractor (phone calls, emails, and texts), proof of all payments, and photographs of the project.

When you take the time to approach your project in an organized way, the chances of an exterior home renovation company meeting your needs becomes not just possible, but very probable. Armorvue Home Exteriors has decades of local experience installing high quality exterior home improvement products. Contact us today for a virtual appointment to talk about your project plans today!


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