September 22, 2021

Benefits of Optimal Window Placement

When you are installing new windows, you may be thinking that a window replacement project will just be a simple swap of old to new. However, […]
September 20, 2021

Selecting Roof Shingles for Your House

Choosing the right roofing material for your home can be very overwhelming. You want quality materials that are built to last and require little maintenance over […]
September 20, 2021

Add Cottage Curb Appeal to Any Home

If your home is starting to show signs of wear and tear, then it’s time to freshen up your curb appeal. Investing in the exterior of […]
September 15, 2021

Which Kind of Roofing is Best for Your House?

If you’re in need of a new roof, you’ll probably have lots of questions when selecting the right roofing material for your home. The type, style, […]
September 15, 2021

There’s Added Value to Replacing Your Old Windows

If you’re undecided about whether to replace your windows or not, you should know there are few home exterior renovation projects that offer as many benefits […]
September 13, 2021

How Can I Make the Exterior of My House Look Bigger?

You can make many upgrades to your home, but actually making your home bigger is a construction job that many homeowners don’t want to take on. […]
September 13, 2021

How Important is it to Hire a Licensed Roofer?

If the cost of a new roof has you considering drastic measures such as attempting to DIY or enlisting the help of a friend who claims […]
September 8, 2021

Replace Drafty Entry Doors Before Winter Weather Begins

Most homeowners know that a drafty home isn’t desirable, especially in the winter. Drafts mean that the heat you are paying for is escaping, so your […]
September 8, 2021

Can You Get a New Roof This Fall?

The days are getting shorter, and even though the weather is still hot, there is a feel of fall in the air. If you were considering […]
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