Add Cottage Curb Appeal to Any Home

If your home is starting to show signs of wear and tear, then it’s time to freshen up your curb appeal. Investing in the exterior of your home not only improves the overall look, but it can make your home more energy efficient by lowering your heating and cooling costs. Whether your home is modern and you’re looking to add some cottage charm, or you already have a cottage vibe going, you can instantly transform the look and feel of your home with these incredible home exterior projects.

Charming cottage with nice landscaping and lawn.

Revamp Your Roof

Replacing your roof is one of the best ways to transform the curb appeal of your home. Old, damaged roofs instantly age your home, and can give the impression that your home isn’t very well cared for. A new roof will dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home and save you money on your heating and cooling costs, making a roof replacement a savvy investment. This kind of renovation looks great no matter what style you’re going for.

Replace the Siding

Repeated exposure to harsh weather conditions such as sun rays or rain can turn the vinyl siding on your home into an eyesore. Ugly siding does more than just make your home appear unattractive; it also leads to damage. If your siding is cracked or rotted, it’s time to replace the siding before the damage becomes extensive. Damaged siding results in water, air, dirt, and pests getting into your home.

Damaged siding can also allow air to circulate into your home. In the summer this equates to sweltering interior temperatures, and expensive cooling costs. In the winter, cold bursts of air will penetrate inside, causing you to crank up the heat. The bottom line: don’t let damaged siding stand in the way of a comfortable, energy efficient home.

New siding can play a major role in totally transforming the look and feel of your home, and if a cottage vibe is what you’re after, turn to white or muted neutral colors as these choices will blend well with cottage decor.

Install New Windows

Another quick and easy way to add cottage curb appeal to your home is to install new windows. Replace your old, leaky windows with a clean, sparkling fresh set of new windows. There are multiple benefits of replacing your windows, including improving the overall energy efficiency of your home, lowering your heating, and cooling costs, making your home a more comfortable and quieter place to relax inside, less maintenance and cleaning required, improving curb appeal, and increasing the value of your home. Plus, new windows offer one of the best returns on investment, earning them a top spot on the list for worthwhile home exterior projects. Often homeowners who invest in new windows wonder why they waited so long to have them installed. The impact they make is dramatic and comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Front Door

In terms of cottage curb appeal, the significance of your front door should never be overlooked, as it’s the first thing people see. It also sets the tone of the entire exterior of your house, so it’s important to make sure it’s sending the right message. If you really want to make a statement, consider a new front door installation. Replacing your boring, outdated door with an eye-catching front door is a minor investment that makes a major difference.

There are plenty of incredible options to choose from for your new front door installation, including elegant, solid wood doors, colorful painted doors, or even front doors with decorative glass windows. Choose a front door that complements your home and personality, but if it’s that cottage feel you are seeking, stick to natural tones and materials.

Hire a Professional Company

The most important step in the process is to hire a professional home exterior company to help you achieve the look you’re going for. Many homeowners attempt to tackle these projects on their own, thinking it will save them money, but these are projects best left to the professionals. Improper installation will cost you a lot more in the long run, so save yourself the hassle and contact your local home exterior experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors today. We have the experience, knowledge of material choices, and an eye for design. We can help you pull together a cottage look that you will love for many years. Let’s talk today. 


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