Benefits of Optimal Window Placement

When you are installing new windows, you may be thinking that a window replacement project will just be a simple swap of old to new. However, a window replacement project is the perfect time to consider your window placement and find the optimal spot for your new windows. Good window placement can enhance the natural light in your home, optimize the view, and increase the value of your home.

Living room in luxury home with fireplace and new windows.

Use Your New Windows to Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light is incredibly important. With more natural light in your home, you will reduce your energy consumption and electric bills. Natural light can even help heat your home in the cooler months. Natural light is beneficial for your health and well-being too. The best way to absorb Vitamin D is through sunlight, and sunlight can also help boost your mood, productivity, and comfort level. Increased exposure to sunlight will help regulate your system and fight insomnia or seasonal affective disorder. When you are installing new windows, think about where you get the most sunlight throughout the day. Consider when each room will get optimal sunlight and focus on positioning the windows to maximize that light.

Position Your New Windows to Optimize the View

You may think that you are stuck with the position of the windows as they are, but you can use a window replacement project to optimize not only the light, but the view. Take a walk around your property and note the differing views. When you position the windows, consider a line that will allow you to get the most beautiful view. You can use the position of your new windows to block undesirable sight-lines and focus on the best possible view. If the views aren’t good, you can consider placing the windows higher in the room. This will let in the natural light without putting an eyesore right at your sightline.

Think About the Purpose of Each Room

While natural light is excellent in high-use rooms like the kitchen, in other rooms you may want to consider where the glare from the sun will fall. If you have your TV set up in a room with plenty of natural light, the glare may impact your viewing and force you to invest in shades or blinds to keep the light out of the room, defeating the purpose of positioning your new windows. Consider each room, thinking about when the light will hit the room, what you use the room for, and what is the best match for the aesthetic of the room. A good window contractor can help you go through each room for optimal placement based on the light and your needs. Window placement can impact everything else in the room, from the floor plan to furniture positioning, so make sure to think each decision through.

Windows Aren’t the Only Way to Add Light

While windows may be the primary source of natural light in your home, windows aren’t the only way to add that natural light. Glass doors can also allow more light into your home without repositioning all of your windows.

If you are beginning a window replacement project, consider talking to your contractor about the best window placements that will enhance the views and the natural light in your home. The investment now can be well worth it in terms of your comfort, beauty, and the value of your home for many years to come. We’ve been installing new windows in this community for over 75 years, and we love improving homes through exterior home improvements. Contact us today to learn more about how to enhance your living spaces with new windows.


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