Are New Wood Entry Doors Easy to Care For?

Did you know that replacing your tired entry door with a gorgeous new wood entry door is one of the fastest and easiest ways to elevate the curb appeal of your home? After all, your front door is the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home. Nothing else quite compares to the visual and textural quality of wood.

Luxury home in a neighborhood with pillars and a large wooden entry door with sidelites and a transom window above the door.

An Affordable Investment in Curb Appeal

Installing a new entry door is a fast, easy, and cost-effective upgrade to your home’s facade. Having your home remodeling contractor install a new front door is one of the least expensive upgrades you will ever make to your home, and the right high-quality door can last many years. Even installing a fancy door with sidelights and carvings will seldom cost more than a few thousand dollars, and in terms of home improvement costs, a few thousand dollars isn’t much. It is almost certainly worth the cost, considering the visual and tactile benefits a beautiful wood door provides every time we enter our home.

Add Immediate Value to Your Home

A tired old door that does not match your home’s architecture and style detracts from its value and curb appeal. It can also give your visitors the impression that your home is not well-cared for.

On the other hand, a new wood entry door that complements your home design can add drama, beauty, character, and really updates the overall look of your home. It also adds real value to your home. According to Remodeling Magazine, “a quality new wood front door has the highest ROI on a home remodeling project with up to a 91% return when you sell the home.”

The look and feel of opening a beautiful new door each time you enter your home is worth the price of choosing to go with wood.

Wood Entry Doors are Surprisingly Easy to Maintain

Modern wood entry doors are carefully engineered to be easy to use and low maintenance. They are also not susceptible to warping like their historical predecessors. They do require some maintenance, but the value they add to the look and feel of your home is definitely worth the time and minimal effort it takes to keep them looking beautiful forever.

  • Once per week or so, simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened with a solution of mild soap (like Murphy’s Oil Soap) and warm water.
  • Every few years, add a fresh coat of paint or polyurethane to keep it sealed.

However, a wood entry door is not appropriate for every home. Your entrance should protect your new door from the sun and rain. The sill must be high enough for the door, and your local building safety codes must permit the use of wood entry doors. Before you begin, consult a qualified home improvement contractor who can help you identify any potential issues and determine if a wood entry door is a good choice for your home. They will also suggest high-quality alternatives if it is not.

Are You Ready for a New Entry Door?

Look for inspiration in decorating magazines, Pinterest, and on homes in your neighborhood that you admire. Share your photos and ideas when you meet with your home improvement contractor. They will help you find the right door to complement your home and your style within your budget. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for more information about our high-quality home improvement products and services.


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