Are Custom Windows Better?

When you are planning to install new windows, you may think that there is only one option for the replacement. But homeowners actually have a wide variety of windows to choose from, both in style and materials. While many homeowners don’t think that custom windows are necessary, there are many advantages to ordering custom windows for your home.

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What is the Difference Between Custom Windows and Standard Windows?

Custom windows are made to order specifically for your home. They are measured, designed, and manufactured to fit your window openings perfectly. Before ordering your new windows, the current windows will be measured, and the new windows will be manufactured according to the exact specifications. Standard windows are mass-produced to fit a variety of standard sizes. They are often readily available, and they look great, but there is something special about a window that was custom built for your home.

Are There Benefits to Choosing Custom Windows?

While custom windows are a bigger investment than standard windows, there are many benefits that make the investment well worth it. While “standard” windows sound like they will fit in most homes, that usually isn’t the case. Every window manufacturing has their own set of “standard sizes”, and those sizes have changed throughout the years. While you may assume that your home will easily fit a standard window, that may actually not be the case. With standard windows, larger gaps exist between the opening of the frame and the window unit, which will need to be filled in with insulation. When you order custom windows, the windows can be installed without gaps to be filled, since they were custom designed based on the exact measurements of your window opening. Because they were built specifically for your home, the quality control is much higher. Finally, a huge benefit of choosing custom windows is that you can choose every aspect of your new window to make it truly what you want for your home, including the size.

What Choices Go into Buying Custom Windows?

When you opt for custom windows, you’ll start with the measuring process. Your window contractor will take exact measurements of all your window openings to ensure a perfect fit. Then you’ll look into a few different choices to make.


  • Style


The most popular style is double-hung windows, but you don’t need to be bound by that if you are choosing custom windows. Casement windows are also extremely popular, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners choose to take advantage of ordering custom windows with garden windows, bay, and bow windows. While these styles are beautiful, they do add cost to your window replacement project.


  • Materials


The most common framing materials are vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Wood has a beautiful look, but is very expensive and will require regular maintenance. Fiberglass is an excellent choice, but can increase the costs. Vinyl windows were once thought of as the “cheap” option, but there are many high-quality vinyl options now with built-in insulation in a variety of colors and styles.


  • Glass


There are several options available for improving the energy efficiency of your windows. Low-e coating and inert gases between the glass panes can both improve the comfort of your home and help you save on energy bills.

While standard windows may seem like the easiest and most cost-effective choice, the lack of a true “standard” and the mass-production may not be the best choice for your new windows. When you choose custom windows, you know that your windows will fit perfectly, providing the best possible energy efficiency and curb appeal for your home, and you’ll know they are exactly what you were hoping for. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to learn more about all of your new window options.


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