What You Can Expect from a New Window Estimate

Finding the average cost to replace windows can be nearly impossible. The number of windows, age of the windows, any existing damage, and the materials used will all factor into a new window estimate, and it can be difficult to know what to expect. No matter what, your new window replacement will include an inspection, measurements, and a discussion about your needs, but what else goes into the average cost to replace windows?

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Materials Matter in the Average Cost to Replace Windows

All the materials you choose will impact the cost to replace windows in your home. You will need to choose both the glass and the material for the frame. The type of glass is significant because it will determine the energy efficiency of the new windows. When the frames are in good shape, sometimes only the glass will need to be replaced, but if the frames have sustained any water or mold damage, they will need to be replaced as well. Vinyl windows are often more cost-effective than wooden windows and can be just as good at insulating. Wood window frames can be beautiful, but are much more expensive and will require more maintenance.

What Goes into the Labor Cost of a New Window Installation?

There are two types of window installation. Pocket installation is the process of only replacing the window glass into the existing frames. Pocket installation is quicker and less expensive, but requires existing frames that are in good condition. A full-frame installation will replace the entire window, including the sill, window frame, and trim. The process can be slow and will require more labor.

Other Factors Can Impact Your Window Estimate

Any damage to your existing window frames will increase the cost of your new window installation. The average cost to replace windows is so difficult to determine because there are so many variables. If you are hoping to upgrade your window size or style, your cost will obviously be higher than simply replacing a standard double hung window. Bay and bow windows will enhance the look of your home, but are more labor intensive than a simple replacement. The warranty offered will also affect the overall price. The better the warranty, the higher the price. However, even though the cost may be lower, a window without a warranty is asking for trouble down the road.

How to Approach a Window Estimate

When getting an estimate for a new window installation, begin with finding 3-5 contractors. Look for recommendations from local friends and neighbors who have recently had window work done and can provide credentials showing they carry the correct licensing and insurance. Estimates are free, but too many can be overwhelming, so narrowing it down to only a few is best. Expect the estimates to vary, but ask for a detailed breakdown so you can compare effectively. Look at all the labor included, whether or not finishing work and disposal are included, if a warranty is included, and what materials are being recommended by the contractor. While you usually don’t want to choose the highest price, it’s important to realize that you do get what you pay for, and a lower estimate is usually not the best option.

Although a new window installation is an investment, the benefits are numerous, especially if there is any damage to your existing windows. Speaking with a window replacement contractor about your needs and your budget can help you find the right materials and methods for your new window installation. We can help guide you through your choices and determine the best new windows for your home. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today for a virtual appointment.


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