What to Look for in New Patio Doors

New patio doors are an easy way to upgrade your home, inside and out. New patio doors can fill a room with natural light and help connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. There are many options in style, material, and function, so determining what to look for when you shop for new patio doors can be overwhelming. Working with the right company, as well as knowing what you want, can help you decide on the perfect new patio doors for your space.

Bedroom with French Door Balcony

Choose a Door That is Right for Your Style

Your new patio doors will be a focal point of your home, inside and out. While they don’t have the same first impression curb appeal of new entry doors, the style you choose will still say a lot about you and your home. French doors can add elegance to your home. Sliding patio doors can let in plenty of natural light. You may choose patio doors depending on where the doors are leading to and from. A patio door leading from the kitchen to an outdoor eating area may guide you toward one style, while patio doors leading from a formal living room to a garden may lead you in a different direction.

Decide the Best Function for Your New Patio Doors

New patio doors will be used often by your family, especially when the weather is warmer. Think about the function you want those doors to bring. Is a door that allows natural light in important to you? Does your space dictate how the doors will need to function? In-swing doors are most popular, but out-swing doors can be popular in an area prone to storms. Sliding doors work best in tight spaces. Are you looking for hinged French doors that open wide? Do you have the space for that function? Are you looking for the ease of a sliding door to work easily with your space? Will you need a screen door to let fresh air into your home in the spring and fall? You’ll also need to consider security when looking at new patio doors. Strong glass, a strong frame, and strong locks are all important for new patio doors.

Choose New Patio Doors that Fit Your Climate

Because your patio doors are a large window to the outdoors, make sure that you have chosen the right style and glass to fit the climate throughout the year. Patio door treatments are available to prevent drafts in the winter and control the heat from the sun in the summer. Glass technology has advanced to make high-performance options available to make sure homeowners can balance the desire for natural light and ease of transitioning outdoors with climate control within their homes.

Determine the Budget for Your New Patio Doors

It’s important to set a budget for your new patio doors before you begin shopping, and to keep that budget in mind when you talk with professionals. Often homeowners find they will need to customize their patio doors to work with their specific wants and needs, such as blending the look of a French door with the ease of a slider, specifying a glass that will let in the light while still maintaining the insulation during the winter, or looking for a door that will open out instead of in, and these customizations can add to the bottom line quickly. When shopping for patio doors, make sure you are clear about your budget, including installation, and any quotes and estimates you receive are all-inclusive.

New patio doors make such a difference in your home. When you are ready for new patio doors, speaking with an expert can guide you through all the nuances of choosing the perfect door for your space. We’d love to help you find the perfect patio door for your home. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment.


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