Consider New French Doors Leading to Your Patio or Deck

When planning a patio door replacement, installing new French doors is a smart choice. French doors are a style that will work well with nearly every home and enhance the look of your home inside and out. French doors can create a connection between the interior and exterior of your home, making them the perfect choice when looking for a door that leads to your patio or deck.

Stylish room interior with french doors and light neutral colors in a modern home

What is a French Door?

A French door is a type of window-door hybrid that was created by the French back in the 1600s. These doors are multi paned double doors that can open from the middle, allowing a wide entrance and ample sunlight to enter your home. French doors can be used in a variety of spaces, but they have gained popularity in patio door replacement due to the sense of openness to the outdoors they create.

Installing New French Doors

Before purchasing and installing new French doors, make sure you have a space with room for the doors to fully open, whether they swing in or out. If you don’t have space for both doors to open, there are options that will allow for one hinged door and one that is fixed, giving you the look of French doors without the space concerns. Before you buy, you will also want to look at the styles of the panes and glass options, what kind of screen you may want (if any), which direction you would like the doors to swing, how you would like the panes divided, the hardware, and the material for the exterior frame of the door. There are many considerations when installing new French doors, and the contractor you speak with should walk you through all of them and help you choose the perfect door for your needs. Installing new French doors should always be done by a professional who will have the experience and the right tools to ensure that the doors and panels are fitted perfectly and snugly into the frame, avoiding any potential issues with energy loss or security.

Why Consider French Doors?

When considering French doors for patio door replacement, there are many positive reasons to choose French doors. They let in lots of natural light, which creates an indoor-outdoor connection and a heightened sense of spaciousness. Even on overcast days, a French door will allow natural light to fill a space. French doors come in a wide variety of styles, making them highly customizable. They are incredibly versatile and can complement a variety of décors and home styles.

With the style, function, and versatility of French doors, it is no surprise they are a popular choice for patio doors. Installing new French doors, when done by a qualified professional, is an excellent way to upgrade your home for a relatively small investment. With all the options to choose from, most homeowners will easily find the right combination of function, style, and materials to make their French doors the perfect fit for their home. With high quality materials and professional installation service, Armorvue Home Exteriors is the right choice for your new patio doors. We’re offering virtual appointments and can help you choose the perfect doors for your home. Contact us today!


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