What to Consider When Shopping for New Bathroom Windows

When you are shopping for new windows for the bathroom, you may think there are more obstacles than options. The space is small. Light and ventilation are important, but so is privacy. When shopping for new windows for the bathroom, there are plenty of factors to consider.

Modern bathroom with new window.

Size of Your New Windows in the Bathroom

If you want your bathroom to look and feel bigger, replacing your existing bathroom window with a bigger window can be a great way to allow more natural light and make the space feel open. In a bathroom, this isn’t always straightforward, because you will need to balance the need for privacy. When deciding on the size of your bathroom window, mark the size you would like and move around the room as you would during a typical day. You should get a good idea of how the size of the window would compromise your privacy. Your contractor may be able to provide you with good feedback as well.

Ventilation in Your Bathroom Windows

The bathroom is a room that benefits from functional windows with good ventilation options. You want to make sure the window you choose is operable. Sliding or casement windows will work well in a bathroom space in addition to traditional double-huge styles.

Placement of Bathroom Windows

The placement of your window is key to privacy. Even if your bathroom window faces the backyard, you still want to make sure that your privacy is protected. To balance the need for privacy with the advantage of natural light, consider placing the windows higher on the wall. A wide, narrow window placed higher will let in just as much light as a tall window placed lower. On a second floor, skylights are a way to get the beauty of natural light while maintaining privacy. Your contractor can provide you with some guidance as to the best placement of your bathroom windows.

Considering Transparency

If the size or placement of your bathroom window isn’t flexible and you still want to enhance your privacy when installing your new windows, consider the transparency of your windows. There are many options to maintain privacy in a bathroom window by opting for frosted, stained, seeded, or textured glass. Glass block windows work very well in a bathroom space. If you don’t want to commit to a different style of glass, installing privacy film on your windows can make the windows more opaque.

Bathrooms can be tricky, because the desire for natural light and the need for privacy can sometimes be at odds with each other. They can be tricky because bathrooms are often on the small side and that can impact how much you can do with size and placement in your design. They can be tricky because ventilation is important, but so is energy efficiency. Yet, with the right contractor working on the installation of your new windows, you can get the results that you hope for, even in the smallest of spaces. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to talk about the quality windows we offer along with answering any questions you have about our expert installation services.


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