What are the Benefits of Installing Replacement Windows?

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There is more to installing new windows than improving your curb appeal. The benefits of such a project will always outweigh the costs. Nonetheless, many homeowners keep postponing window replacement since they don’t believe it is that important.

If you are wondering whether replacing your old windows is a worthy investment, here are some advantages of new windows.

Your Home Will Be More Energy Efficient

Replacing your old windows with modern well-insulated windows will drastically lower your heating and cooling costs. Getting double-paned glass is a good way to take charge of your energy efficiency. They reduce the thermal interaction between the outside air and the inside making it cheaper to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

You Will Hear Less Outside Noise (And Your Neighbors Will Hear Less of You)

Newer double-pane windows can block noise making your home more comfortable. You will no longer hear every car that drives down the street or the noise from neighbors holding a barbecue. The windows will also ensure that your own indoor party or movie sessions don’t become a bother to your immediate neighbors since they won’t hear a thing either.

No More Storm Window Installation

Traditional single-pane windows weren’t designed to endure the gusty winds of a thunderstorm. Nowadays, many window developers have come up with reinforced glass that is rated safer for storms and mild debris impact.

Replacing your flimsy windows with high-quality modern ones means that you won’t have to worry as much about the impact to your windows. You will not only save time and resources but also get to enjoy the unobstructed view from your home without having to worry about broken panes.

Better UV Protection

If you love pulling back the curtains and letting in natural light, you have to be willing to protect your interior from harmful UV rays. UV tarnishes paint, ages plastic surfaces faster, and can damage valuable hardwood floors and furniture.

Installing replacement windows with a high UV protection index will let you enjoy the natural light or even the sun without having to worry about the harmful UltraViolet rays.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Window replacement is one of the cheapest yet valuable renovation projects for people who want to sell their property. Generally, a reasonable replacement of about $10,000 on an entire house could earn you up to an 85 percent return when you sell the home.

You can get even better returns if you go for functional windows and skip over the top styling as this would be more appealing to most homeowners. You can enjoy your new windows knowing that installing them bumped up your home’s value and you can always recoup a fraction of the investment if you decide to sell your property.

Even though window replacement might not be cheap, you should always get a professional to handle the project. This will ensure that the home improvement project is handled according to manufacturing standards and protect your warranty. Get in touch with a good contractor for advice on the best window options and installation services. The extra money you spend on the services will be worth it in the long run. Armorvue’s team of experts carry over 75 years of combined knowledge and experience and we’ve been renovating home exteriors in the Toledo area for many years. We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service, and have an A+ rating through the BBB which shows our dedication to successful projects and happy customers. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old windows, contact us today for a free no obligation in home estimate.


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