What are Casement Windows Used For?

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When it comes to finding the best replacement windows, casement windows may not be the first option many homeowners consider. Many homeowners don’t even realize that casement windows are a viable option when planning their window replacement project. However, casement windows may be a good choice when selecting replacement windows.

What are Casement Windows?

Most windows often close by sliding on the sash. Casement windows open and close with hinges, like doors. In most models, casement windows open and close to the side with a crank on the interior. When the sash is open, it is held in place with a tensioning device, and when the sash is closed, a latch will pull the sash tight against the frame’s weather stripping.

Where are Casement Windows Used Most Often?

Because casement windows provide excellent ventilation, they are used most often in kitchens, particularly over the sink. Bathrooms are another popular spot for casement windows, for the same reason. However, casement windows are appropriate for any spot in the house. While other styles of windows can only open halfway, casement windows can open fully, allowing clear views. In situations where homes are close to each other, casement windows allow breezes that traditionally slide opening windows cannot. They are versatile enough to work with many architectural design styles.

When are Casement Windows the Best Replacement Windows?

Casement windows can be the best replacement windows for many homeowners. The advantages of them fully opening are attractive to many homeowners. In addition, casement windows have additional advantages. A casement window can look unobstructed, since there is no need for a sash in the middle, but unlike other windows without sashes, can still open. Casement windows are often considered more secure than other windows. While all windows have their weak points, double hung or slider windows that are broken can be unlatched by reaching in and unlocking, casement windows are not able to be opened from the outside. Casement windows can also be more energy efficient due to the sash pressing against the frame when closed.

Casement windows provide excellent ventilation, clean lines, security, and clear views. With many styles available, they may be the right choice for your next window replacement project. To learn more about our expert installation services, or to schedule a contact-free estimate, contact us today.


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