Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

Window replacement is a great investment that could give your home a better look and more practicality. While installing new windows might be fast and simple, the actual windows can be costly. The real question, however, is whether spending all that money in replacing your windows is a good idea.

The bad news is the answer isn’t as straightforward as you would like it to be. It’s true that installing new windows can improve your home’s value, help you cut down on utility bills, and secure your property. The extent of the improvement varies depending on a couple of factors. The most prevalent are:

The Condition of Your Old Windows

If your old windows are still new and functional, chances are you won’t notice a huge improvement. However, if the frames are damaged, some panes were broken, and the double-pane insulation was failing, you will benefit tremendously from replacing the windows.

Your Local Climate

New windows will have more impact on your utility bills if you live in a region that experiences distinct winter and summer. New top-notch windows will insulate your home better hence making it easier to heat or cool. Homeowners in the tropics or areas that don’t experience severe winter might not get massive utility savings from window replacements.

The Type of Windows Currently on the House

Another important factor is the type of windows you already have in your house. If you already have good insulating windows, chances are a replacement will give you a very small advantage. However, moving from old single-pane windows to better two or three-pane windows will yield tremendous results.

The Cost and Style of the New Windows

Finally, before gauging whether replacement windows are worth it or not, you have to look at the cost of your new windows. Compare the replacement cost to the expected savings and decide if you want to do that. Remember-replacing your windows will also provide you with great curb appeal and ease of use too-and sometimes the functionality of new windows makes them worth buying even if your energy costs won’t be drastically different.

How Much Can You Save After Window Replacement?

Replacing old windows in a house always leads to better energy efficiency especially if you are moving from single pane to double or triple-pane windows. The Department of Energy estimates that replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star certified windows can save you up to $400  a year. The estimate assumes that you live in colder regions of the country.

Hot areas requiring frequent air conditioning could also benefit from new windows since modern windows with UV light protection not only keeps the house cooler but also protects your interior décor from harmful ultraviolet rays.

How Much Will the Window Replacement Cost?

The cost to replace windows varies depending on the size of the house and the type of windows you want. A standard vinyl double-pane double hung window could cost $450 to $600. Wood frame windows of the same specifications could fetch between $800 and $1000. And then the quality of materials can affect the cost also.

The department of Energy estimates that homeowners in a full four-season climate can recoup the investments on a vinyl window of the above specifications in 10 to 12 years. The time will be longer for a house with more windows.

Other than expecting returns on energy saving, you can also expect to recoup up to 80 percent of the total cost of replacing the windows should you sell your house. This makes it easier to break even faster.

Is a Replacement Worth the Cost?

Yes it is. If you get the right windows, you will not only get a better looking and more comfortable home but also potentially improve the property’s value. The energy savings, satisfaction, and increased house value makes window replacement a worthy venture. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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