Red Flags to Watch for When Getting a New Roof

When purchasing a new roof, the roofing company you hire plays a major role in whether or not the project has a successful outcome. They determine the quality of your installation, so even the highest quality products can’t perform properly if the roofing contractor makes crucial mistakes during the installation. Homeowners can avoid these costly errors by knowing how to spot the signs of a less than reputable roofing contractor.

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High Pressure Sales Tactics

A reputable local roofing contractor will understand if you want to obtain multiple quotes from other companies or wish to check references or insurance coverage prior to hiring anyone. If a company pressures you to make a decision on the spot, it isn’t someone you want to hire. In addition, be wary of storm chasers. These are people who will knock on your door after a storm and try to convince you of roof damage that needs to be fixed immediately. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, contact your local, trusted roofing company instead.

Low Starting Bid

Some roofing contractors may offer homeowners an appealing low price that’s far below other competitors. However, once the work begins, the price suddenly increases due to unforeseen problems and inflated material costs. While the cost of roofing materials can fluctuate, the contractor should never try to hike the price of the materials in the middle of the project.

No Portfolio or References

You should always ask potential roofing contractors if you can view examples of past completed projects and for a list of references. Any reputable contractor should have no problems providing a list of references. If they refuse to provide this information, then that’s a definite red flag. If they do provide references, cross check the information to ensure its validity, and contact them with a prepared list of questions. While this may be an unpleasant part of the process for some, it could potentially save you from making a costly mistake by hiring someone without the proper experience.

No Written Contract

Never enter into an agreement without a written contract. Whether you’re hiring a roofing contractor for repairs or a total roof replacement, make sure you have a definitive written contract in place before any work is done. Having a contract in hand before any work is performed is for your own protection in case something goes wrong. If you’re given a contract but the terms aren’t clear, make sure to ask your roofer for further clarification. Never assume that the roofing contractor’s guarantee via word of mouth is good enough; always get it in writing.

Requesting Payment Upfront

A trustworthy roofing company won’t request full payment upfront before a job is performed. Many companies will offer payment plans or allow for a deposit to be made. If a roofer insists they need full payment upfront, it may be a sign to look elsewhere.

Lack of Communication

While a reputable roofing company is understandably busy, you should still be able to contact them and they should respond in a reasonable time frame. If the contractor is impossible to reach via phone and never returns your phone calls, this should be a red flag that it may be time to start looking for a local roofing contractor with better communication.

Need a Reliable Roofing Company?

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