New Windows Make a Great First Impression

Do you fall in love with the way your home looks when you pull in the driveway or do you take one look and cringe? If your home’s curb appeal could use a makeover, consider putting in new windows!

Like the right piece of jewelry can “make” an outfit, even a single outstanding new window can create a design statement that takes your home from Ho-Hum to Hello, Gorgeous!

Large new windows in a master bedroom with a nice view.

New Windows Show You Care About Your Home

Peeling, faded windows that no longer fit or function properly are ugly and make your home look dated and unkempt. Are you looking to sell your home? First impressions matter, and new windows can significantly increase the marketability and resale value of your home. They also give buyers confidence that your home is well maintained and recently updated.

Color choices for your new window frames can add a design pop that may be just what your home needs to stand out and make a statement. Consider adding more oversized windows, too. Studies show buyers will pay significantly more for a home with plenty of windows designed to let in lots of natural light. Installing new windows will not only improve the look of your home, but as a bonus, they will also reduce your energy costs.

Select a Style That Upgrades Your Home

There are hundreds of styles of replacement windows available in today’s home improvement market. Choosing the best style to enhance the design of your home is as important as its function when your goal is to improve your curb appeal. Does your home have a long, blank, boring wall?  Adding a large window will break up the wall space and add natural light. The right style choices can completely revamp the entire look of your home.

Your home improvement contractor can provide invaluable support in choosing the right windows for your home. They will help you identify the best windows that will work with your home’s style. If you want to update the look of your home with a more modern style, your contractor can also help you choose a model that will enhance and improve your home’s design, not clash with it. They can also advise you on where you can and cannot add more oversized windows to let more light into your home.

Vinyl or Wood?

Your choice of what type of window material to use is a matter of personal preference, budget, and performance. Vinyl windows appear more modern, are low maintenance, and are the best option if your home has vinyl siding. New, efficient vinyl windows will not only improve the look of your home, but they will also reduce your energy costs, add a lot of natural light and appear fresh and clean for years to come.

If you have a traditional home, wood windows are the best choice for you. The good news? Today’s wood windows are engineered to be far more efficient than older models. They also last much longer and are easier to maintain.

New windows are an investment that will make your home a more enjoyable place to live and can pay off big if you decide to sell. If you want to make your home more attractive, speak with a contractor about the best window replacement choices for your home. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to learn more today!


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