Is it Finally Time to Replace Your Patio Door?

New patio door overlooking the backyard.

Your front door adds to the curb appeal and is the formal entrance to your home, but just because your patio door is for family and friends doesn’t mean it should be ignored. It’s the gateway to the backyard, the path to outdoor dining, and a view of the garden. A patio door is more casual and private than the main door, but replacement still shouldn’t be put off. Upgrading your patio door is a smart decision for many reasons. 

Signs it is Time to Replace Your Patio Door

Because the patio door isn’t a showpiece, damage or wear doesn’t always feel like a priority. It’s normal to focus on replacing things that the public can see, but you deserve to enjoy and view nice things too! It’s a common trap many of us fall into. We fix up things for other people to see and enjoy and settle for less if it’s something only we can see.

But what may seem like just an eyesore could become much more. Cosmetic damage on your old patio door can increase over time to become more of a structural issue. Scrapes, chipped paint and scratch marks don’t necessitate a replacement, but they can worsen over time and possibly lead to cracks that may someday let water in. Often you won’t notice this is happening until it already has. By then you could end up replacing more than just a door.

More concerning is a door that is difficult to operate. Sticking, making noise, or requiring great effort to open and close means that it may be time for replacement. Yet the most important reason to replace the patio door is gaps, drafts, and water leaks. The seal around the patio door can lose its effectiveness over time. If moisture is gathering around the door or you see other signs of water, it’s time to replace it immediately before things get worse.

Water damage is nothing to put off. Gaps around the door not only decrease energy efficiency but can also provide a path for pests and water to enter your home. If the door has warped or lost the weatherstripping, you may notice drafts when passing by. These drafts mean that your home is losing energy, and replacement is the right choice.

What are the Benefits of Patio Door Replacement?

Obviously, replacing a door with major damage will have immediate benefits. Yet even if the signs are subtle, the benefits of patio door replacement will be much less so. Often homeowners become so accustomed to a drafty door with gaps that they don’t notice the difference until they feel how much more comfortable their home is with a new replacement door. Fewer pests, better climate control, and no worries about water damage are clear benefits to replacing the patio door. Let’s not forget how great it will look, too.

Beyond the practical benefits, replacing the patio door is a chance to update the design. An upgraded patio door can brighten and update both the interior and exterior of the room. New style and décor can provide an aesthetic reason to replace the door.

As the warm months have homeowners spending more and more time outdoors this season, replacing the patio door that bridges the gap between your indoor and outdoor living spaces can be an easy upgrade that will make a big impact. Increase you energy efficiency and update your home with a new patio door from Armorvue Home Exteriors. Our expert installation team has decades of experience under their belt, and our reputation in this community speaks to the value we place on customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a virtual appointment and let’s start planning the installation of your new patio doors.


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