Is a Front Door with a Window a Safety Concern?

When choosing the style for your new front door, you may be considering one with a window. A new front door with a window will allow a great deal of natural light into your home and can add great style and curb appeal as well. Yet you may be concerned that entry doors with windows will make your home less secure, and wonder if choosing a door based on the style is worth the risk.

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Is a New Front Door with a Window a Good Idea?

With the right front door materials and installation methods, a new front door with windows can be a safe and stylish choice. There are some who will consider a front door with glass windows a potential weak spot in your security system, but this is where the quality materials and installation come in, along with other methods to increase the security of your home. A new front door with a window can enhance your home with more natural light, provide a welcoming aesthetic to your visitors, and is generally a quality design choice. With the right precautions, a new front door with a window is a good choice overall.

Pairing the Right Kind of Window with the Right Kind of Glass

The safety of a new front door with a window depends largely on the type of glass. Reinforced, double-paned, and tempered glass are all recommended. These glasses are thicker, making them difficult to break, as well as better insulated. In addition, you can add a security film that will make the windows more difficult to shatter. Many glass paneled front doors are designed with metal reinforcement that will increase the strength and security of the door.

In addition, you can choose where the smartest place is for glass on your new front door. Glass panels that are high up on the door or on the opposite side of the locks carry a lower risk than glass panels right next to the locks.

How Can I Increase the Security of a New Front Door?

If the security of your new front door is a concern, there are other ways to increase it and still get your window.

  • Install a double cylinder deadbolt.

The risk of glass is that an invader could smash the glass close to the deadbolt, then reach in and unlock the door. A double cylinder deadbolt removes that risk by requiring a key to unlock the deadbolt from both sides of the door. While this is excellent for home security, it is imperative that all family members know where the key is at all time, in case you need to exit the home quickly.

  • Install a smart lock.

A smart lock has a sensor that will detect a disturbance at the door. You will receive a notification and can immediately respond with a call to the authorities.

  • Install an alarm system.

An alarm system is there to protect your home and alert you if there is an intruder. An alarm system can help protect your family no matter the type of front door you have.

A new front door will increase the curb appeal of your home and be the first impression that all visitors get when they come to your house, so it’s important to choose a style that you love. If you like the natural light that a front door with windows brings to your home, you can meet your need for style while still feeling that you have made a good choice that protects your family. A good contractor can help you find a new front door with windows that is both stylish and secure. Lean on our team of entry door experts. We can help you choose the perfect door to compliment your home and your style, and our installation specialist will make sure your new door is installed properly, making your new door as secure as possible. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment today!


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