How to Estimate the Price of a New Roof 

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If your roof has seen better days, you’re likely researching what the price of a new roof is going to cost you. While the initial price estimates may seem high, many homeowners don’t have a good understanding as to what exactly goes into the numbers they’re given. To lessen the occurrence of sticker shock, it can be helpful for homeowners to learn how roofers come up with the estimated cost of replacing your roof. To give you a better idea of what goes into the average price of a new roof, let’s look at what the variables are and what you’re paying for.

  • Size of the roof
  • Slope of the roof
  • Complexity of the job
  • Number of existing roofing material layers
  • New roofing material to be installed
  • Roofing underlayment and accessories
  • Material waste
  • Ventilation to be installed
  • Roof flashing to be done
  • Trash disposal costs
  • Cost of labor
  • Overhead costs

Most experienced roofers have these factors figured out and adjust prices per individual roofing job. A typical roofing contractor has a base price per square (one square is a roof area of 10×10 or 100 sq. ft). In addition to the base price per square they figure in the additional factors listed above.

To give you a better idea, the average house size in the United States is roughly 2,000 square feet. The most popular type of roofing material is asphalt shingles which can cost anywhere from $3.50 to $7 per square foot, depending on where you live, so a homeowner of a 2,000 sq. ft., single-story home, might expect to pay anywhere from $7000-14,000 for a new roof with asphalt shingles.

Again, it’s important to note that these are just ballpark figures, as there are multiple, varying factors to account for when it comes the average price of a new roof, such as the type and brand of roofing material, the type of underlayment, the size and slope of the roof, complexity of the job, the region you live in, etc.

Average Total Costs of Common Roof Systems for Homes

  • 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles $7000-$12,500
  • 30 Year Shingles $9,000-$16,500
  • 50 Year Shingles $11,000-$18,500
  • EPDM Rubber $8,000-$15,500
  • TPO or PVC Membrane $10,000-$16,500
  • Wood Shingles $14,000-$25,500
  • Steel Shingles $14,000-$25,500
  • Aluminum Shingles $14,000-$28,500
  • Standing Seam $23,000-$30,500
  • Natural Slate $25,000-$55,500
  • Concrete Tiles $25,000-$45,500
  • Clay Tiles $25,000-$50,500

 What You Can Expect From a High-Quality Roof

While gathering quotes from local companies, try not to fixate too much on the price, as the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. Purchasing a new roof is a significant investment, so it’s essential that you understand the importance of choosing a high-quality roof, as well as hiring the right company to do the job.

When a roof is installed correctly, you can expect:


  • Durability-Long lifespan that can withstand high winds, heavy rain, hail and snow.


  • Protection-Keeps your family safe and protected from the elements.



  • Efficiency-Proper ventilation and insulation which saves you energy and lowers your heating and cooling costs.



  • Increase in Home Value-This is especially important if you plan on selling your home in the near future.

Select a Local Company with a Solid Reputation

While there are a number of factors that determine the average price of a new roof, what ultimately determines the value of the work you receive, is the company you select to do the job.

Choosing a local company with a good, long standing reputation in the community will ensure that your new roof will be installed properly and will perform and last as it’s intended to for your home and your region. We’ve been installing high quality roofing materials in this area for decades, and our experience and attention to detail has made us an industry leader. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to schedule a virtual appointment to discuss a new roof for your home. We’d love to share information about our high quality materials and answer any questions you have about replacing your roof.


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