How to Ensure the Full Efficiency of Your Windows 

Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t have to mean an entire renovation. Did you know that you can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home with new windows?

Replacing your old windows with new energy efficient ones will not only help keep you more comfortable inside, but it will also save you money on heating and cooling costs. There are also some simple ways to maximize the high energy efficiency of your new windows even more.

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Change the Drapes

Consider purchasing drapes that contain a lining and interlining for more energy efficiency in your home. These drapes will completely block out the heat from outside, preventing it from entering your home through the windows. Check your current drapes to see if they contain a lining, and if not, consider replacing your old drapes with more energy efficient ones that will help you maximize savings.

Close the Blinds

Another simple thing you can do to increase the energy efficiency in your home is to close the blinds. Many homeowners who have vertical or horizontal blinds may not know that closing them can help reduce heat gain in your home. This means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard to cool your home, leading to lower utility bills.

Add Window Film

Window films are thin sheets of plastic that adhere to the window’s exterior to block heat from entering into your home. Adding film to your windows, especially to the windows directly facing the sun, can help lower the temperature in your home without having to rely too heavily on your air conditioner. Some window films have the ability to reduce the heat gain in your home by up to 70%. There are different options for window films but if you’re looking to add a decorative touch, you might want to consider something like a stained-glass option.

Install Storm Windows

Look for low-emissivity storm windows to help save you money on heating and cooling costs. The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates you can save 12 to 33% on your utility costs with the installation of storm windows. Exterior storm windows will fit on most standard, double-hung windows.

Caulk Your Windows

Hot and cold air can enter your home through gaps between the glass, window sash, and window frame. Applying caulk is an easy and inexpensive solution to help make your windows more energy efficient. The DOE estimates that sealing air leaks around your window with caulk can reduce energy costs by 10 to 20%.

Add Weatherstripping

The DOE also reports that weatherstripping can help you save up to 10% on your energy bills. Metal and vinyl weatherstripping are the most effective, but if you’re looking for a more inexpensive option, foam is an alternative option.

Create Exterior Shade

For additional energy efficiency, consider installing awnings to help block the sun. According to the DOE, awnings can reduce the amount of heat gain by up to 65% in the summer when used on southern-facing windows. Awnings placed on western-facing windows can reduce heat gain by up to 77%.

New windows will instantly increase the energy efficiency in your home, and adding some of these tips and tricks will increase it even more. If you’re thinking it’s time to start talking about getting new windows, contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment today! We’ve been installing new windows in this community for decades, and we look forward to talking with you about installing new windows in your home soon.


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