How Do You Know if Your Roofing Contractor is Qualified?

Replacing a roof for the first time can be overwhelming. You know you need a new roof, you know there are plenty of roofing contractors out there to do it, but finding a qualified contractor can be tough if you’ve never done it before. How do you know your contractor is qualified?

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Your Roofing Contractor Will Have the Right Qualifications

You need to make sure that the roofing contractor you choose has all their documentation in order before they install the new roof.  Your roofing contractor should be licensed, insured, and certified in any materials they will be using. Knowing your roofing contractor is carrying the right worker’s compensation and liability insurance is essential to protect yourself and your property. A quality roofing contractor will have no hesitation providing you with the documentation. Hiring a roofing contractor without insurance puts you as the homeowner at great risk if something were to happen, and a roofing contractor without the proper licensing and certification could void any potential warranties your roofing materials come with.

Your Roofing Contractor Offers a Warranty

You should be offered a warranty on your new roof. If a roofer does not want to provide a warranty or “can’t” provide a warranty, that is a big red flag about their credentials. When your roofing contractor does not provide a warranty, it may be that they are not certified for the materials they are using. Most reputable roofing contractors will provide a warranty.

Your Roofing Contractor Has a Good Reputation

Most roofing contractors understand that their reputation is everything for their business and will work hard to keep that reputation intact. Check with others in your community to see if anyone has had recent experience with the roofing contractor you are considering and ask them questions about how the job went. If your roofing contractor has recently changed their business name, look into why. A sale or acquisition of the company is understandable and valid, but some contractors will change their name due to bankruptcy or poor reviews.

Choosing the Contractor for Your New Roof

Choosing a roofing contractor can feel overwhelming at first, but once you know the basic qualifications to look for, you can focus on the specific details of your project. In general, it’s a good idea to get estimates from about three contractors so you can accurately compare the quotes for your new roof.


  • Choose a roofing contractor who gives you a detailed estimate in writing.


While it’s not uncommon for roofing contractors to start with a ballpark figure, you should be able to get a thorough estimate that includes a breakdown of materials, labor, disposal, and any repairs needed.


  • Choose a roofing contractor with whom you can communicate.


A quality contractor should not be annoyed with questions you may ask about the project. From the first contact, you need to see how well any potential roofing contractor communicates with you. Do they return your phone calls or emails promptly? Are they willing to answer your questions? Do they listen to what you are looking for? Whichever contractor you hire will need to communicate with you throughout the process, so finding someone you connect with from the beginning is important. If you don’t feel comfortable, it may not be the right fit.

A qualified roofing contractor will value their reputation, your business, and will make sure that the job is done well. Finding a qualified roofing contractor usually comes down to asking the right questions and trusting your gut when you meet. A new roof is a great investment in your home, so finding a great contractor to install that new roof is just as important. We’ve been installing high quality roofs in this community for decades. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today for a virtual appointment to talk about a new roof for your home, or any other exterior home improvement you’ve been thinking about.


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