How Can I Make the Exterior of My House Look Bigger?

You can make many upgrades to your home, but actually making your home bigger is a construction job that many homeowners don’t want to take on. Fortunately, there are exterior renovations that can make your home LOOK bigger without physically increasing the square footage. If you want to increase your curb appeal and make your home more attractive to buyers, consider strategies that will increase the perception of your home’s exterior.

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Upgrading Your Siding Can Make Your Home Look Bigger

If you are looking for exterior renovations that will make your home look bigger, upgrading the siding can make a big difference in both curb appeal and size perception. Dull siding can make your home look bland and boring, an overly bold choice can turn homebuyers off, but the right color of siding can make your home stand out. Light colors of siding will reflect the light, creating the illusion of a bigger size. White siding can make a home look bigger and is most attractive to buyers, but any sleek, clean, shade of pale gray, ivory, sage green, or other light color will help your home stand out. New siding has many benefits, but increasing curb appeal is a big one.

Draw the Attention Up

When you have a small exterior, consider exterior renovations that draw the eye up. When the roof has recently been replaced, it gives a clean look to the home and can give the impression of a grander size. A clean, new roof, especially with the right color of shingles, can make a big difference. When considering a roof replacement, speak with your contractor about the best shade of shingles to compliment your exterior color and architecture.

New Windows Give Your Home an Open Feel

The more natural light you allow in, the bigger the home will look. If you want your home to feel larger, a window replacement can make a big difference. Window replacement has a high return if you want an exterior renovation that will increase the value of your home. If you are looking to enhance the space you have, consider replacement windows that allow an abundance of natural light into your home. From both the inside and outside of your home, that light will make your home look and feel more spacious.

Exterior Renovations Will Increase Your Curb Appeal

Any exterior renovations will increase your curb appeal. If you want to draw the eye away from the size of your home, create other eye-catching focal points. Outdoor lighting, a new entry door, and simple landscaping can all enhance the curb appeal of your home enough to keep their focus off of the size alone.

Exterior renovations are a smart investment that will increase your curb appeal and the value of your home. Siding, windows, entry doors, and roofs are all investments that can pay off big when or if you decide to sell your home. If you want to make your home more attractive, speak with a contractor about the best exterior renovations you can do. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to learn more today!


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