Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Summer

Colonial style house with red front door in suburban community.

Summer is here, and with many of us moving more of our living outside in the warmer months, it’s natural to look around and think of the home improvement projects that can be done while summer is still here. By completing these exterior home renovations over the summer, homeowners can get time to enjoy their investment while knowing that their homes will be snug and warm when fall arrives.

Add an Outdoor Deck

Adding, or upgrading, an outdoor deck is a perfect project for the summer that can be completed relatively quickly and provide years of enjoyment. Adding an exterior living space will boost your property value and improve your curb appeal. While composite decks can be more budget friendly, a hardwood deck is long lasting and offers a good return on investment.

Upgrade the Front Door

Upgrading the front door is one of the exterior home renovations that provides both style and function. Replacing the front door is a relatively inexpensive and quick project that can give your home a much-needed face lift. Changing the color, installing molding, or upgrading the style can enhance your curb appeal. In addition, if your front door has been drafty, old, or warped, replacing the entry door will also increase your energy efficiency and make your home more secure.

Overhaul Your Garage

Junk, dirt, bugs, and clutter fill the garages of many homeowners. In fact, about a third of homeowners don’t (or can’t) park their car in their garage due to all the disorganization. Summer is the perfect time to take on the project. Cleaning out the clutter, installing garage cabinetry systems, overhead bins, and shelving, beefing up the insulation, and even adding spaces for hobbies can be done relatively quickly. Hiring a professional to help you see the project through will give you the focus you need to make your garage the object of envy, not a space you’re ashamed to let others see.

Take on the Bigger Exterior Home Renovations

If you’ve been waiting to replace your windows, your roof, or your siding, late summer really is the best time. The longer you put off these projects, the more potential you have for serious issues. If your windows are drafty and leaky, your energy bills will reflect it every month. Replacing the roof may not be exciting, but if you’re dealing with an old, leaky, or unsafe roof, it’s time to replace it. Many roofing companies can get these projects done fairly quickly, and although they are an investment, they’ll be one you’ll be glad you made when summer is over.

Summer is a great time to take on exterior home renovations. You can make improvements that will last without worrying about inclement weather slowing down the work or making the project difficult. Taking on a project in the summer means that your family will be able to hibernate in style and comfort when the colder months are back, but you’ll still get the chance to enjoy them while the days are long and warm!

Armorvue Home Exteriors has become an industry leader in this area, and we are proud of the reputation we’ve earned. When you hire us for an exterior home improvement project, our decades of experience show through in every job we do. From quality materials to expert installation, we are confident you will be extremely happy with the finished project. Expand your living areas into the great outdoors! Contact us today for a virtual appointment to talk about your exterior home improvement plans. There’s still so much time to enjoy it, let’s get started right away!


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