Great Basement Window Options to Consider

When it comes to your basement windows, they can actually be a welcomed source of light in an otherwise dark, unusable space. However, if your basement windows look rusted, ugly, rotted, or drafty, then they’re not performing their job properly. New windows instantly open up your space and breathe new life into a dark, scary basement, but how do you go about replacing them? Not all windows will be the right fit for your basement.Basement in new construction home with bar

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are the most common basement window option. They’re usually installed higher up on the wall and are wider than they are tall. This window is hinged at the bottom and opens in from the top.

Hopper windows are easy to operate with a pull-down lever and they contain latches on the top lock, making them very secure. You can even add a second pull-down lever for additional security.

Hopper windows make a great choice for your basement, whether you have a partially or fully above ground basement.

Awning Windows

For those concerned about rain and snow leaking into their basement, awning windows are a solid choice. Awning windows hinge at the top and open out at the bottom. The slope of the glass forces water to run away from the house.

Awning windows can be opened regardless of the weather. However, because these windows protrude to the outside, they aren’t the best choice to install along walkways or patios.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are another popular choice for many homeowners shopping for new windows. These classic basement windows work well in walkout basements where the majority of the window is above ground.

Sliding windows usually feature one operable pane which slides over a fixed pane. Sliders are easy to use and maintain. You can open them for ventilation, and unlike awning and hopper windows, they don’t protrude inside or outside of the home.

Fixed and Picture Windows

For those really looking to maximize natural light, fixed and picture windows are good options to consider. It’s important to note that these windows aren’t operable, but they can be much larger than hopper, awning, and sliding windows.

Fixed and picture windows will make your basement feel larger and brighter and provide better views to the outdoors. Obviously this is an applicable choice for every home, but if you have a walk out basement with room for a large window it can make a big difference in how the space feels.

Glass Block Windows

When you think of glass block windows, you probably picture brick style glass blocks which can’t be opened, but these types of glass blocks are different from a traditional glass block window as the blocks are fixed into a window frame that can be ordered with a middle part that can be opened for ventilation. We’ve essentially taken the benefits and security of glass block and combined it with the functionality of an operable window to provide some much needed ventilation to an otherwise stuffy space.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows aren’t typically found in basements, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be installed there. Double hung windows work best for basements that are fully above ground, versus partially above ground. These new windows are a great way to control air flow and maintain the temperature in your basement.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are another excellent choice for above ground basements. Casement windows open to the outside and are taller than they are wide, which wouldn’t work as well in window wells. Casement windows operate with a hand crank and contain secure locks.

Basement Window Materials

In addition to style, you’ll also want to consider the materials. Being closer to the ground means more moisture, so choosing vinyl over wood is best when it comes to replacing windows in basements.

Complete Your Basement with New Windows

Make your basement the envy of your home with beautiful, bright new windows. Contact your local, professional window experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors today. We’ve been professionally installing high quality windows in this community for decades and we’d love to talk about new window options for your basement. Let’s set up a virtual appointment soon!


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