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Roof replacement is a chore, and an expensive one. The average price of a new roof varies widely, since location, materials, size, and work needed vary widely, but even on the low end, it’s a job that will run thousands of dollars and is a serious investment in your home. When you are planning to spend that much money, you want to make sure you are getting the best possible deal without sacrificing quality. When preparing yourself for a new roof, there are ways to get a good deal.

What Goes into the Average Price of a New Roof?

When it comes to roofing costs, you are working with three categories: materials, labor, and disposal of the old roof. Materials can vary widely, with asphalt being the most affordable and tile and slate being high end products. The size of your roof will determine how much material you’ll need, and close to half of the price of a new roof is labor.

Do Your Research

Simply googling “average price of a new roof” isn’t likely to get you an accurate estimate. You need to do the research on your roof. Understand the size of your roof, if there is anything that will add to the complexity of the installation (such as skylights), if you suspect any damage, and what materials you are thinking of using. Knowing what you need will help you more accurately estimate the cost, and you’ll have an idea of what a good deal is.

Get Multiple Estimates

Shopping around is important. Most contractors expect you to get quotes from several roofers. Be wary of low bids, as these could mean subpar work, and be wary of contractors who find problems that others don’t. Make sure that they are offering a warranty on their work. In addition to estimates, it’s a good idea to ask for references and check up on their licensing and insurance. If you don’t, a good deal could quickly become a bad one.

Schedule Your New Roof for Late Winter or Early Spring

The busiest time to get a new roof is late summer and fall. If you can schedule your roof replacement for an off time when roofers are looking for business, you may get a discount.

See if Insurance is an Option

Even if your roof is not directly damaged by a storm, homeowner’s insurance will often cover damage that isn’t due to neglect. Damage found from snow or hail may result in your insurance paying for part, or even all of the replacement cost.

Take on Part of the Job

Roofing is not a job where DIY is recommended, but if you’re handy, you may be able to cut some cost by doing some of the removal, handling the disposal, or purchasing the materials on your own. However, all of this should be done while communicating with your roof contractor. You don’t want to cause additional damage or end up with cut rate materials.

Don’t Let Cost Savings Surpass Quality

Yes, you could save money by doing an overlay. Because you don’t have removal and disposal costs, you will have a lower price tag. However, overlays can void your warranty and will likely increase future replacement costs. They do very little to fix underlying problems, so they can be more of a band-aid solution.

You also want to be aware that if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. It’s true there are deals to be had, but drastically low prices often mean a cut in quality.

When it comes to installing a new roof, the best way to find a good deal is by researching, shopping around, and being flexible with timing. To do that, start by talking to local roof contractors to get an idea of what your average price of a new roof will be, and how you can take advantage of the best deal in your area. Armorvue Home Exteriors has been installing roofs for decades and we can guide you through the process of replacing your roof this year. Contact us for a virtual appointment to talk about your exterior home improvement plans today! We’re here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about roof replacement.


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