Do Entry Doors with Glass Provide Enough Security?

Replacing your current entry door with a new front door containing a window is a secure choice if you know what features to look for. Entry doors with windows are popular because they make a statement with their beautiful and stylish appearance as well as allowing plenty of natural light to flood your entryway. However, you might have some concerns about whether doors with windows are safe to use for entry doors. Materials, and the quality of those materials, can make a big difference in your new door’s security.

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Select the Right Type of Glass

The safety of your new front door greatly depends on the type of glass used. To ensure the highest level of safety and security, select reinforced, double-paned and tempered glass options. These types of glass are more difficult to break but also provide other benefits, such as better insulation, helping to keep the inside of your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Add Reinforcement to the Glass

There are certain reinforcements you can add to the window to help ensure extra security, such as metal reinforcements in the form of decorative metal bars or grates. These sleek, attractive reinforcements come in a variety of designs and colors which can enhance the look of your new front door.

You can also replace glass with reinforced windows or add a security film to existing window panes for added security and privacy.

Install a Deadbolt

If all you have on your door is a regular lock, you can add an extra layer of protection to your new front door by installing a deadbolt lock positioned 6 to 8 inches above or below your doorknob. A single-cylinder deadbolt has a key slot on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside, so when the deadbolt is fully extended, you can’t push the bolt back in, like you might be able to do with a regular door knob lock. This prevents someone from being able to pry the bolt back with a knife or other sharp object and opening the door.

Choose a Door with a High Window

When shopping for a new front entry door with a window, consider purchasing one with a higher window placement. The higher up the window is, the more difficult it would be for a burglar to reach the inside lock on the door, should they manage to break the window.

Move the Lock According to the Sidelite Location

If you happen to have one sidelight window on the side of the door, it’s imperative that you move the location of the hinges so your door knob or lever is on the opposite side of the glass. That way if the sidelight window does happen to break, one cannot just reach inside and unlock the door to gain unobstructed access to your home.

Add an Alarm Sensor

When it comes to security, you aren’t limited to door locks alone. Starting with a secure, high quality door is a great start. Adding another layer of protection with an alarm system can be very effective in preventing thieves from breaking in. In addition to home security systems and cameras, you might also consider glass break sensors which use an audio microphone that registers whenever glass is broken.

Ready for a New Front Door?

An entry door with windows can be a secure choice, and there are multiple stylish options available for homeowners to choose from. Which one is right for you? Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors. We’ll help guide you through the entry door choices and help you determine the perfect replacement door for your home. We’re setting up virtual appointments and look forward to talking with you soon.


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