Did Your Roofer Do a Good Job?

You paid for a new roof, and you got a new roof. But how can you judge the quality? You don’t want to wait until the first rainstorm to find out that your roofer did a bad job, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, inspecting the quality can be a challenge. Yet even if you aren’t an expert, there are some signs to look for that your roofer did the job well.

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Was the Tear-Off Clean?

The first step in a quality roof replacement is the removal of the old roof. Layering a roof is almost never a good idea and most roofers will not even present it as an option. Your contractor should start with a roof removal, using tarps, dumpsters, and nail-finding magnets to ensure that your property is protected and cleaned up after the work is done. Once the tear-off is finished, the roof deck should be stripped bare and the underlayment should be inspected. Any weak or damaged underlayment should be replaced. Preparing the roof deck for the new roof is an important step.

Check the Details of Your New Roof

Every layer counts during a new roof installation. There should be a quality underlayment on the roof deck, flashing on the valleys and surrounding the chimney, vents, and rake walls. Every layer needs to be installed well for the roof to last. Flashing is extremely important to avoiding leaks in vulnerable areas. Ask your roofer what kind of flashing they used. If they try to convince you that using caulk and roof cement is a quality substitution, it could be a sign that they cut corners elsewhere.

Does the Roof Look Good?

A new roof isn’t just functional, it’s an important part of your curb appeal. A new roof should look good. Rows of shingles should stay level across the run of the whole roof, and gaps should be avoided. The rows should ascend evenly. The ends and caps should be clean-cut. All the shingles should look uniform, and the roof should not be sagging anywhere. Shingles that are crooked, uneven, not properly affixed, or placed improperly usually means that the roofer did not put the correct amount of care into your roof installation.

Was the Clean-Up Complete?

Clean up is a big part of the job, and your roofing contractor should make sure it is handled completely. Tidying up after the tear-off is the biggest part of the clean-up process, but once the full job is done, your roofing crew should make sure your property is just as they found it. Anything the roofing crew moved should be put back, the magnetic sweep should make a second pass to ensure no nails are left behind, all packing materials should be disposed of, and all the landscaping should look as it did before the project started.

If you asked the right questions before hiring your roofing contractor, you should feel confident that they did a quality job installing your new roof. A good roofing contractor will welcome your questions about the process and give you a guarantee on their workmanship. Quality roofing contractors value their reputation and know that your satisfaction with their work is important to maintain that reputation.

Once you’ve made the investment in a new roof, you want to feel confident that your roof will last, and a little due diligence on your part will ensure a quality roof for a long time. If your roof needs to be replaced, addressing it sooner rather than later is always best. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to discuss a new roof installation for your home and get answers to all of your roofing questions before any work begins.


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