Current Trends in Replacement Windows

Window replacement isn’t always the most exciting home improvement project. When homeowners are making such a big investment in their home, they want to feel like they’ve done a good job. Looking at some of the current trends in window replacement may help inspire you during your window replacement project, and there are a few current trends you can speak with your window replacement contractor about.

Modern bathroom with new windows letting in a lot of natural light.

Natural Light is Always in Style

A home with plenty of natural light is always in style and is usually sought by homebuyers. When planning your window replacement project, consider taking the opportunity to upgrade to window styles that will let in more natural light. Casement windows and extra-large windows are two current trends that will allow light into your home. Natural light is excellent for your mental and physical health, casement windows are excellent for ventilation, and extra large windows can help warm your home on sunny winter days.

Accessories Matter in Window Replacement

Choosing builder grade windows with standard hardware may be the most budget friendly choice, but if you’ve decided to make the investment in window replacement, consider the hardware as a spot to add some style. Handles, cranks, locks, and levers will all be visible in your new windows and choosing brass or nickel can give your windows a high end look for a small price difference. Once your window replacement is complete, adding details such as shades, blinds, or shutters can give your window design a pop. Adding your style to your window treatments will keep your windows in line with current trends.

Choosing Custom Windows for Your Window Replacement

Going with the standard option is easy, but the current trend is to take advantage of the customization options and choose exactly what you want. You can work with your contractor during your window replacement project to find an option you love. Choosing vinyl for your replacement window material allows you to play with color beyond the standard white or brown. Choosing vinyl also can give you the look of wood, but with much less cleaning and maintenance required. Choosing a vinyl window can actually save you money over wood, and they will last longer. Vinyl windows are a trend that will stick around for a while, and the customization is a welcomed bonus.

Energy Efficiency is Essential

Energy efficiency isn’t just trendy, it’s important. Choosing windows that are energy efficient will save you money in energy bills, make your home feel more comfortable, and are much better for the environment. High performance glass will retain heat in the winter and reflect it in the summer.

Some trends will come and go, and you may be nervous about following them when making such a large investment in your home. However, the trends of easy maintenance, attention to deal, and energy efficiency will never go out of style. You can find windows that are both timeless and trendy. The first step in your window replacement project is to talk to a local contractor who can guide you through the process and make sure that your window replacement project is one that you are happy with for many years to come. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to talk about new windows for your home today!


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