Consider New Slider Replacement Windows

If you are looking to replace your current windows with new windows, you may be considering changing your window style to slider windows. Slider windows have many benefits and can work well in many homes. Double-hung windows may traditionally be the most popular style, but when you are investing in new windows, slider windows may be the best choice for your home.

glass sliding window on white interior wall of house.

What Are Slider Windows?

Double-hung windows have a sash that opens up and down. Slider windows open from side to side. Because of how they operate, most slider windows come in larger sizes than traditional double-hung windows. There are two main types of slider windows. Two-lite slider windows have two independent sashes that slight left to right. Three-lite slider windows have two independent sashes on either side of a fixed center sash.

Benefits of New Sliders Windows

Slider windows have many advantages. As with most new windows, they offer energy efficiency, user-friendly design, and excellent security. Slider windows also have other benefits that are unique to their design.

·   Slider Windows Can Save Money

Slider windows can be hung much wider than traditional double-hung windows. One slider window can replace a row of double hung windows, which will save money on a large window installation project.

·   Slider Windows Offer a Superior View

Slider windows offer a view that is unobstructed by sashes. Because of their design, you will enjoy a wide-open view of the outdoors.

·   Slider Windows Provide the Maximum Amount of Light

Natural light is so important to many homeowners, and slider windows have a definite advantage over traditional styles. Because of their design and size, they allow the maximum amount of daylight to enter the room.

·   Slider Windows are Low Maintenance

Because slider windows have fewer moving parts, they are one of the most low maintenance window styles you can choose for your new window installation.

·   Slider Windows are User Friendly

Slider windows are known for being very easy to operate. Because you are only sliding one side of the window while the other side stays in place, it requires less force and a much easier angle. New slider windows can often be opened with the push of a finger.


Where Will Slider Windows Work Best?

Slider windows are most commonly seen in contemporary style homes, as well as apartments and townhomes. However, any style home can benefit from slider windows. Kitchens and bathrooms are often ideal places for slider windows. If a window is hard to reach, a slider window will make opening the window much easier. Slider windows are also ideal for rooms in which you want a good deal of natural light or an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

When you are beginning your research into new windows for a home window replacement project, sliders deserve your consideration. The ease of operation, unobstructed views, ample natural light, and low maintenance make them a smart choice. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for more information about our quality windows and expert installation services. We’ve been helping homeowners in this community choose the best windows for their home for decades. Find out for yourself how we’ve earned our stellar reputation for quality products and great customer service.



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