Choosing, Installing, and Caring for New Wood Entry Doors

While many homeowners love the look of wood for entry door replacement, these same homeowners have reservations about choosing wood for their new front door. Wood may be timeless and beautiful, but there are concerns about the cost and maintenance of a wood door. Are these doors too expensive to install? Are they difficult to maintain? Will they lose their appeal over time? With the right care, choosing, installing, and maintaining a wood door is the right choice for many homeowners.

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Considerations of Choosing Wood for Your Entry Door Replacement

When considering wood for your entry door replacement, there are several things that you will be concerned with.

  • Cost – a wooden door is less expensive than you may think. Stock doors are often just a few hundred dollars. A custom door can cost several times that, and installation will add to the overall cost as well.
  • Protection – a wooden door will hold up best and require less maintenance if there is some protection from the elements. A covered entryway that keeps the door protected from rain and direct sunlight will give the door a longer life.
  • Safety – a wooden entry door replacement is just as safe as other materials. An extra-long security strike plate will prevent the jamb from splitting.

Wooden Front Door Installation Process

A new front door installation should always be done by a professional. In an entry door replacement, the new front door installation can be either a slab or a full-frame installation. Often with wooden doors, a full-frame method is usually required to ensure a perfect fit. Everything, including the frame and trim will be removed, and a new frame and trim will be installed with the entry door. Installers will work from both the inside and outside your home. First, the contractor will work to make sure that the measurements are precise and assist you with the selection and ordering process. The installers will work with you to protect the space surrounding the entry door. In most cases, the door will be fitted within a day, including all the hardware and trim.

Maintaining a Wood Door

Wood doors do require maintenance, but it can easily become part of your yearly routine. Warping is not nearly the problem it used to be and should not be a concern. However, sunlight can cause paint to fade and clear coats to degrade, so a wood door exposed to sunlight, especially direct sunlight, should be sanded and refinished every few years. Varnished doors need refinishing every year, polyurethaned doors every other year, and painted doors every 5-6 years. Wooden doors should be inspected every year to make sure the fit and seal are still optimal.

The small effort of maintenance is well worth it for the visual appeal of choosing wood for your entry door replacement. When considering a new front door installation, choosing wood can give your home great curb appeal and a timeless elegance that will work with many styles. We’re here to help. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to discuss all the options you have when selecting a new front door for your home.


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