Checklist for Planning Exterior Home Renovations

If you have never had exterior home improvements such as a window replacement, siding, roofing, or anything else done to your home, it can be difficult to know how to plan. How do you get started? What can you expect while the exterior home improvements are getting done? How do you find the right contractor? It can be overwhelming, but with the right preparation, exterior home improvements can be easier to navigate. When you are planning your exterior home improvements, there are a few things to consider.

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The first thing to consider is your budget. Home improvements can add up fast, and if you don’t have a number to work with, you may find yourself scrambling in the middle of the project. Plan out what you can afford to spend – no matter if you are working with savings, a home equity loan, or any other financing, and then make sure you leave room for potential issues. Most homeowners find themselves needing to dip into the contingency budget during home improvements, and if it’s not there, it can be a tough situation for your project and your bank account.

Decide Exactly What You Want

When you are first talking about exterior home improvements, it’s easy to speak in general terms. But when you’re ready to talk to a contractor, be ready to dive into the details. You’ll be choosing materials, colors, and everything else down to the last detail. Even if you think your exterior home improvements are straightforward, like a new roof, you will still have plenty to consider.


Very few home improvements happen as soon as you decide you want them. Most likely, you’ll have some time while you are waiting for your contractor to get started due to timelines, and you may need to wait on materials to be ordered and delivered. If you have a hard deadline or an event at your home, be ready to discuss timing.

What to Expect During Your Exterior Home Improvements

Your contractor will guide you through any preparation you need to do to your property before your exterior home improvements begin. You may be asked to move your vehicles out of the garage or driveway, especially if you will need access to them during the day. You will likely be asked to move any outdoor furniture, grills, or play areas (if possible) and get them out of the way. Your contractor will take the precaution of covering your landscaping to protect it, but anything you can do to make access easier for the crew is appreciated and can help make their job easier and keep your property safe and unharmed.

Exterior home improvements can be very disruptive to your day. Roofing, siding, and window replacements can all be loud. Your contractor can give you specific instructions about how to prepare the inside of your home to avoid damage to hanging pictures or light fixtures. If anyone in the house, such as those working from home, children, or pets will be especially bothered by the noise and activity, make alternate plans for them to be away for the day while the work is being done. Having a plan in place for children and pets may also ensure that they are not in the way of the contractor.

How to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Exterior Home Improvements

Finding the right contractor is the key to a successful project. Interview several contractors, check on their licensing and insurance, gather references, and have at least three potential contractors give you a detailed estimate. Take this time to ask questions, discuss exactly what you want, look at the detailed plans, and get a sense of what your contractor will need from you.

Exterior home improvements can be overwhelming, but they are a great investment in your home that will increase your curb appeal, the value of your home, and your comfort. Thinking about what you want, your budget, your timeline, what you need to do to prepare, and finding the right contractor to put all the pieces together will help you make exterior home improvements a much less stressful situation. We’re here to help. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to talk about exterior home improvements on your to-do list.


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