Can You Replace an Exterior Door with an Interior Door?

When considering a new front door installation, many homeowners are looking for cost-effective ways to proceed with the project. Some homeowners may wonder if they can simply use an interior door to replace their current exterior door. While they may both be doors, there are significant differences between interior and exterior doors that cannot be overlooked.A modern spacious upscale two story brick single family home with a large front yard and two car attached garage. There are metal garage shutters and a drive way.

How is an Exterior Door Different from an Interior Door?

The construction of interior doors and exterior doors is very different. Exterior doors are given special treatment to stand up to weather and frequent use. Interior doors are constructed to be lighter, as they typically do not have to face the elements. This is why interior doors tend to be less expensive than exterior doors.


There may be some similarities, but interior and exterior doors usually look a little different. Interior doors are built to look the same on each side. Glass is also uncommon in interior doors. Exterior doors may look different from each side. They may have decorative panels on one side and include glass panes. When comparing an interior and an exterior door side by side, the differences are more noticeable.

Materials Matter

Interior doors are typically constructed out of wood or fiberboard. Exterior doors usually consist of several materials, such as wood with a reinforced metal frame. Exterior doors can also be made from steel or metal. This is to ensure the durability of your exterior door. When you are protecting your home and your family, durability – and therefore materials – matter.

Difference in Sizing

While some may argue that many exterior and interior doors do have the same dimensions, this is not typically true. Yes, the height and width may be the same, but the thickness of an exterior door is where the difference comes in. Exterior doors are much thicker and heavier than interior doors. This helps their strength, durability, and energy efficiency.

Insulation is Important

A new front door installation should be focused on making your home more energy efficient. In addition to security, an exterior door’s main purpose is to control energy loss. Your door can be one of the biggest factors in keeping your home warm or cool. Interior doors are rarely constructed with insulation. They may provide some protection from drafts, but they are not designed to seal out the elements the way exterior doors are. Exterior doors are usually insulated with some kind of foam core to protect against energy loss.

How to Choose the Right Door for a New Front Door Installation

There are exterior doors in many materials, finishes, sizes, and styles to fit nearly every budget. If you are considering a new front door installation, an expert can guide you through all the choices and provide you with the benefits and drawbacks for each choice. When you are choosing an exterior door for a new front door installation, consider the style, but also how you want the door to perform. Energy efficiency and strength to protect your home and family are two very important considerations that will never be matched by an interior door.

With the right guidance, you can choose an exterior door that fits your needs, style, and budget. Finding an expert to assist you is the best first step to take. A new front door installation will keep your home safe, well insulated, and will present the right image to everyone who comes to your home. Contact our team at Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to talk about installing new windows in your home today!


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