Brighten Up Your Kitchen with a New Garden Window

When you are planning to install new windows, many homeowners also begin to think about how their new window project can enhance the style of their home. One of the best places to upgrade while installing new windows is by putting a garden window in your kitchen. This is one of the best investments you can make in your window project. For a relatively small increase in cost, the benefits are really great.

Bright, sunny window sill with potted plants in a kitchen.

Garden Windows Add Style

All new windows will add light and protect your home from the elements. But garden windows add beautiful style to both the inside and the outside of your home. Garden windows, as the name implies, are typically filled with flowers, herbs, or other plants. But if you don’t have a green thumb, you can decorate with glass or crystal figurines that will catch the sunlight.

Garden Windows Allow for Year-Round Growing

A garden window in your kitchen can allow you to grow flowers, herbs, and even veggies year-round inside your home. Most garden windows are outfitted with shelves for plants. If you are a cook, having fresh herbs or berries easily within reach is a great convenience and benefit. If you prefer decorative plants, a garden window can be filled with whichever style you prefer. Care and water for the plants is easy because you are in the kitchen.

Adding a Garden Window to Your New Windows Lets in More Light

A kitchen garden window lets in a huge amount of light, which will brighten your room even on overcast days. If sun damage to furniture or fixtures is a concern, there are new windows that will block radiation while still allowing the visible spectrum of light needed for plants. As well as letting light in, garden windows will allow you to see your yard and the landscaping you’ve installed. Having a garden window over your sink will open up your kitchen to the outdoors.

Garden Windows are a Great Asset

If you are looking to list your home at any point in the coming years, having a garden window is a great asset to your home. Both from the outside and the inside, they are beautiful to look at and will enhance your home and make it more attractive to buyers. If a homeowner can picture themselves doing something as mundane as the dishes in front of the beauty of a garden window, they will be drawn to your home.

Adding a garden window to your kitchen when installing new windows is an upgrade that you will not regret. The light, the style, and the functionality of this enhancement are well worth the investment. No matter the season, a garden window will enhance your view of the outdoors and bring the natural light indoors. A garden window will be a great benefit to your home. When planning the installation of your new windows, make sure to talk to your contractor about installing a garden window. Armorvue Home Exteriors has decades of experience installing all types of windows in this community. With over 75 years of combined experience, we are your trusted source for new windows in this community. Contact us for a virtual appointment today!


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