Benefits of Full-Frame Window Installations

Full-frame window installation is the total replacement of both the window and the frame. The window, sill, exterior, and interior trim are all removed. This project takes longer and is more expensive, but addresses underlying issues completely.

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Once you’ve made the decision to install replacement windows, you may think that that’s all you’ll need to do. In fact, there are still decisions to be made. Not only will you need to select the materials, the style, and the type of new windows, but there are different methods of installing replacement windows, and you need to decide which style is right for your project.

What are the Options for Installing Replacement Windows?

Pocket installation will replace the window within the existing frame. These windows are known as retrofit or insert windows, and they will be slid right into the frame. This method is fast, affordable, and will work best on homes where there is no damage to the existing window frames.

What Homes Benefit Most from Full-Frame Window Installation?

Although many homes can benefit from full-frame window installation, there are some homes that will benefit more.

Old Home with Old Frames and Sills Beyond Repair

If there is significant damage to the frames and sills, a full-frame window installation is often the best solution, simply because the repairs necessary would be so extensive. If there is water damage, rot, or mold, removing and replacing the entire frame is a good choice to ensure that the new windows will not have any of the same issues.

Previous Windows Installed by Another Company

You want to make sure that the new windows fit precisely. If the new and old windows are from two different companies, they may not fit well, which will put you at risk of gaps and air leaks.

You Want a Style Change

If you want to transform the look of your windows, full-frame window replacement makes sense. Installing replacement windows is a chance to change the look of your home, and full-frame window installation will do just that.

What Does Full-Frame Window Installation Look Like?

Installing replacement windows with a full-frame installation is a labor intensive process and will take at least several days to complete a full house of windows. In a full-frame window installation, the contractor will begin with removing the old windows and frames down to the rough opening. The opening will then be sealed to prevent any air and water from seeping in around the window. The new window, with frame, will be positioned in the opening and secured, and a water system will be added at the sill. This step is essential to preventing any water damage or mold. Often flashing will be used instead of caulking. Finally, the window will be insulated to prevent any gaps around the frame.

What are the Benefits of Full-Frame Window Installation?

There are several benefits to full-frame window installation, including,

  • The ability to change the shape and style of a window, such as going from a standard to a picture window.
  • The ability to add insulation around the window frame for increased energy efficiency.
  • The ability to ensure that the issues with old, rotting, or water damaged framing is remedied completely.

Installing replacement windows is one of the best investments you can make in your home. When done well, the return on investment is high, and the difference in energy efficiency and the feel of your home will be noticed immediately. When deciding on the method of installing replacement windows, full-frame window installation is the smart choice to ensure that your replacement windows look their best and have no underlying issues. Speaking with a window professional will allow you to look at your own home and get started on the right process of installing replacement windows. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors to learn more about our quality products and expert installation.


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