Avoid These 7 Roofing Mistakes

Since roofs last a really long time, many homeowners who need a new roof have never had one installed before. They know it’s a big investment, and they want to make sure they do it right. As with most renovations, knowing what to avoid can sometimes be just as helpful as knowing what to do for a successful project. Being aware of some common roofing mistakes will help you avoid them which will lead to a successful new roof installation.

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1. Waiting Too Long for Roof Repair

Roof damage gets worse over time. Old shingles get loose. Small leaks begin. Leaks lead to water damage, which can turn into structural damage if they’re not caught early. If you continue to postpone a roof repair or roof replacement, leaks can develop bringing moisture into your walls, mold problems, and even bigger issues that will be difficult and expensive to repair. If you have damage that requires an insurance adjuster, they will recognize if your roof was overdue for repair or replacement, and they will pay out accordingly. Keeping on top of your roof repair will mean that when the time does come for replacement, you will not have any underlying damage raising the cost.

2. Hiring the Wrong Roofing Contractor

If you hire the right contractor, many other mistakes can be avoided. Your roofing contractor should show you proof that they are insured, licensed, and certified. Not having these things is a major red flag and a huge risk to you as the homeowner. A quality roofing company will have no problem showing you all the paperwork. Your roofer should be experienced, have a good reputation in your community, and be trustworthy. If something doesn’t feel right, get another estimate from somewhere else.

3. Not Getting a Complete Estimate

If you hire the right contractor, you should have a complete estimate that includes any repairs that need to be done, but more importantly, the cost of roof removal with a clear distinction of who is responsible for the disposal of your old roofing materials. There are roofers who, in order to make their estimates more favorable, will leave this line item off the initial estimate. This can be a major piece of the cost of your new roof, so it is important to factor that in. Many homeowners assume this is a standard part of the job, but that isn’t always the case.

4. Layering a New Roof

Laying down a second layer of shingles over your existing roof is rarely a good idea. Some homeowners may feel like it’s a good deal since you are saving on removal and disposal costs. However, your new roof will not last nearly as long as it would if you tear off the old roof first, and it won’t allow you to fix any potential damage that you can’t see. A second layer of shingles will add a lot of weight to your roof, too. The short term savings usually lead to more cost and hassle later on.

5. Not Getting a Thorough Roof Inspection

A good roofing contractor won’t give you an estimate until they’ve given your roof a thorough, inside and out, inspection. They need to check the decking, look in your attic, and check for any water damage. They need to make sure your attic has adequate insulation and ventilation. A quality roofing contractor will be able to explain exactly what they are looking for to make sure they don’t miss anything. Missing problems can lead to ineffective repairs, or worse, putting a new roof on top of old issues, creating a very expensive problem down the line.

6. Using the Wrong Materials

The quality of materials will greatly impact the quality of your roof. If your roofer uses cut rate shingles, they will not last as long, may require frequent repair, and can even decrease your home’s value when you are trying to sell your home.

7. Not Planning for Ice Dams

Ice damming can happen anywhere with extreme winter temperatures. Ice dams occur when snow melts on the peak of the roof and refreezes along the gutter line. The melting water gets trapped by the ice dams, and water sitting on the roof can cause damage. When having a new roof installed, avoid this common roofing mistake by asking your roofing contractor what they do to help prevent ice damming.

How to Avoid These Common Roofing Mistakes

Most of these common roofing mistakes can be remedied simply by hiring the right roofing contractor. A good roofing contractor will be able to do a thorough inspection, give you a complete estimate and a plan to address any and all issues, and do good work with quality materials. With the right contractor, these common roofing mistakes will not be something you need to worry about.

Remedying a roofing mistake can be a long, involved, and expensive process. You risk structural damage to your home and water damage that can be difficult to remedy. You want to make sure that you are confident in the roofing contractor that you hire to do the best job, which will keep your family safe and secure under your new roof. If you’re ready to replace your roof, contact Armorvue Home Exteriors for a virtual appointment to talk about your options for quality roofing materials and find out how soon you can get a new roof installed. With over 75 years of roofing experience in this community we are your trusted partner for expert roofing installations.


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