A New Patio Door Would be a Great Addition This Summer

Porch With Door To Patio

Your patio door can become a more important entryway to your family than the front door. Your patio door is the pathway to your outdoor living space, which is where many of us like to spend our summer days and evenings. A patio door replacement may be a great addition to your home this summer.

Benefits of Patio Door Replacement

When it comes to replacing your patio door, there are many benefits. Patio door replacement, especially if you are replacing a builder-grade vinyl door, can make a significant difference in heating and cooling costs. A new patio door, with new weatherstripping and new seals, will keep out drafts, wind, and water. A new patio door will also upgrade your hardware, making your door more secure. And of course, patio door replacement can freshen the look of your home.

Options for Patio Door Replacement

There are many options when it comes to new patio doors. Most patio doors on the market today are stylish, energy efficient, secure, and easy to care for, so it’s hard to go wrong when selecting a new patio door. There are multiple styles, from traditional sliding doors, French doors, and more unique features like sliding glass walls. Patio doors can have blinds integrated between the glass, making cleaning the blinds, moving them out of the way, or keeping the cords safe from children a thing of the past. If blinds are not the style you’re looking for, there are other options. Doors can be modeled to look like they’re paneled, without having to deal with individual panes. When it comes to options, there are plenty of ways to make your door fit your needs and your style.

Installing a New Patio Door

Although a patio door may seem like a simple enough DIY project, this is a situation where hiring professionals is a smart choice. You need to make sure that the door is sealed well and fits securely in the frame. If there is a difference in sizing, framing, or any damage to the existing structure, a professional will have the tools and skill to handle that sort of thing. Professional installation also includes the clean-up process, which is a nice bonus. In most cases, a patio door replacement will typically take between 3 and 5 hours and will cost a few hundred dollars.

If your patio doors are outdated, whether that means sticking, scratched glass, drafts, or even just looking old, installing new doors is a perfect way to upgrade during the warm months. There are a variety of options that will give your home – inside and out – a fresh look. Speaking with a contractor can help you find the right door that will fit your needs, style, and budget. Contact Armorvue Home Exteriors today for a virtual appointment to talk about all the patio door options we have available.


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