7 Secrets Roofing Contractors Want You to Know

Roofing is a complex job and one that requires a skilled professional. If you’re in need of a new roof and aren’t sure what to expect, here are 7 secrets that your local roofing experts want you to know.

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1. Choose Quality Materials

Time and weather elements take a toll on roofs but choosing a roofing material requires more than just picking something that looks good or searching for the cheapest option. Several factors should go into choosing between the various roofing materials, including the style of your home, the slope of the roof, and the climate you live in.

Higher quality materials are more durable and last longer, are more energy efficient, and enhance your curb appeal more than cheaper roofing materials, but all of those benefits come at a cost. A good overall rule to follow when considering your options for a new roof is to choose materials that are the highest quality within your budget.

2. Collect Multiple Quotes

When shopping for a new roof, it’s always a good idea to obtain multiple quotes from roofing contractors. While cost is always a consideration, remember that you get what you pay for, so try to avoid selecting a roofer based on cost, and instead hire the best roofing contractor for the job. A new roof is a significant investment, so it’s okay to be picky when selecting a roofing company.

3. Schedule Off Season

Spring is the busiest season for roofers so if you call in mid-April, don’t be surprised if you have to wait awhile for a quote. If you’re looking for more one on one attention, consider having your new roof installed during the off season. Roofers advise calling in late summer to mid-fall, so you can get placed on the schedule before the next busy season arrives.

4. Climate Should Determine Materials

Carefully selecting key products with the features best suited to your climate will make a major difference in how well your new roof performs against the elements, how long the materials will last, and the amount of return on investment you’ll receive. For example, if your region is prone to high winds, heavy snow, and ice, you’ll want to choose a material that can withstand these harsh conditions. This means giving serious thought to purchasing the right roofing material to sustain the durability and longevity of your new roof.

5. Roofers Shouldn’t Work in Extreme Heat

It’s important to keep an eye on the weather when having a new roof installed. If the temperatures rise above 90F, and/or it’s extremely humid, it may not be safe for the roofing crew. Heat rises, so it will be even hotter on your roof. Add in black or metal roofing materials to the mix, and things can quickly become hazardous, such as the crew becoming dehydrated, or worse. If your roof is installed during the hottest days, you may experience delays or odd working hours for the crew on your job.

6. Mow Your Lawn Before the Roofing Crew Arrives

Roofers work at a quick pace to minimize the time it takes to remove your old roof and install the new roof, so your home isn’t unprotected for long. This results in debris falling off the roof and landing on your lawn.

A professional roofing crew will typically sweep the property with magnetic brooms once the job is finished to make sure there are no nails on the ground. Having a freshly mowed lawn will make it easier for them to collect any debris.

7. Hire a Professional

A roof replacement is not the type of project to attempt on your own. There are many safety precautions required to work on a roof, and many homeowners lack the proper skills and safety equipment to maintain a safe working environment. Your roof protects your home and your family. It’s a considerable investment, and in order to protect your investment it’s wise to leave this project to the professionals. They have the skills, experience and knowledge to do the job. An improperly installed roof can damage your home, waste time and money, and possibly void your roof’s warranty.

If you’re in need of a new roof, it’s crucial to hire a local, experienced roofing company, like the experts at Armorvue Home Exteriors. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.


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