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There are several reasons for this: first of all, the quality of your windows will help prevent energy from leaking in or out of your home.


When you need door replacement services, it’s important that you invest in a quality product and work with a door company you can trust.


The roof is the first line of defense against the elements, after all. It’s one of the most important expenses when it comes to improving your home. 


The siding plays a crucial role in your home’s exterior, not only aesthetically but functionally as well. Poor quality siding is not going to be very resistant to damage.

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About ARMORVUE Home Exteriors

At ARMORVUE Home Exteriors of Toledo, our team of highly trained installers are here to educate and show our customers the features and benefits of the quality products we represent. You won’t find a more experienced or skilled team of specialists when it comes to installing replacement and custom windows, entry doors, vinyl siding, and replacement roofing. We are fully insured and are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. From permitting to final inspection, you can feel confident in trusting your home renovation project to ARMORVUE Home Exteriors.

Toledo Window Replacement – Discover Energy-Efficient, Stylish Options

Your windows will make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. They will also play a key role in your home’s energy efficiency. Installing new windows in Toledo could reduce your home energy needs by preventing energy from leaking in or out as well as by bringing natural light in to reduce your reliance on artificial light. Worn-down windows in need of repair can also affect your home’s aesthetic and overall value. We encourage homeowners in the area to take these factors into consideration when choosing new windows:

  • They need to fit your home’s design
  • They need to be made with high-quality materials to last a long time
  • They need to be built using energy-efficient, insulating materials
  • They need to be easy and safe to operate
  • They need a high-quality locking mechanism to be secure

We install replacement windows that are built using high-quality foam core insulating materials and Energy Star labeled glass. We even carry several different types of customizable window options including:

Contact us now to find out more about our wide selection of energy-efficient replacement windows for Toledo.

Toledo Door Replacement – Enhance Your Curb Appeal & Home Security

Choosing the right door replacement for your Toledo home is a big decision. The doors of your home add an important level of security, efficiency, durability, and style. ARMORVUE Home Exteriors offers expert installation with a variety of high-quality door options, including:

  • Entry Doors
    • The entry of your home must be secure, durable, and efficient, but it is also important that it matches your home’s aesthetic. It may even be the statement piece that ties your exterior together. Consult with our expert team to find out which doors and materials will work best for your home and budget.
  • Storm Doors
    • If you do not currently have a storm door, or if yours is simply outdated, it is time to get in touch with ARMORVUE to install a new storm door that will add both protection and security for your entry door. These are especially helpful for homeowners hoping to enjoy the fresh air and natural light while keeping a level of security intact.
  • Patio Doors
    • Patio doors are often located in high-traffic areas of the home, so it is important that they match your home’s style. It is also important that they also offer energy efficiency and function easily. We offer several options of patio doors in Toledo for you to choose from.

Are you ready to adequately showcase your home, keep it well insulated, and enhance your home security? Contact ARMORVUE Home Exteriors to learn more about all of your options for replacement doors in Toledo.

Toledo Roof Replacement – High-Quality Materials for Superior Home Protection

Whether you are considering a replacement roof in Toledo to update your home exterior or because your old roof is worn and damaged, ARMORVUE Home Exteriors is your source for quality roofing materials and trusted installation SERVICE. A new roof is an investment, so we will make sure to provide you with the best products to ensure that you get your money’s worth with a roof that lasts for the long haul, protects your home, and adds curb appeal.

We carry Pinnacle Pristine roofing products to offer top-quality options. This includes the durable Pinnacle Pristine shingles that include an Energy Star certification and a 130 mph Wind Limited Warranty. We also carry Pinnacle Pristine Weathermaster Ice and Water Underlayment, Premium Underlayment, Pro-Cut Starter Shingles, and Pro-Cut Hip and Ridge Shingles. You may want to discuss adding Scotchgard Protector for added protection against algae growth.

All of these top-quality products will blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home’s exterior thanks to the following shingle color and style options: Black, Weathered Wood, Hearthstone, Heather, Pewter, Sunset, and much more.

Our commitment to excellence has made us a trusted leader in the roofing industry. Get in touch with our roofing contractor in Toledo today to set up a free in-home consultation for your roof inspection and replacement.

Toledo Home Siding Replacement – Update Your Siding with New Materials

Siding won’t last forever, especially if the siding installed in your home was of lower quality. This is because lower-quality siding materials are not very resistant to damage caused by debris, leaks, or the sun. Low-quality siding is also very inefficient for your home, allowing outside air to infiltrate your home while letting the air from your HVAC system escape.

ARMORVUE uses new, high-quality materials for replacement siding services in Toledo to ensure you are left with siding that is more durable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain. Some of the benefits of having our team install vinyl siding on your home includes:

  • Durability – We believe in our siding products which is why we back it up with a lifetime limited warranty. Part of what makes our home siding so durable is the TriBeam system that provides rigidity and resistance to damage from high winds. Our TrueShield impact modifiers also ensure that the siding is resistant to impact damage.
  • Moisture Resistance – For premium strength and weather resistance, our vinyl siding is made with PureStrength vinyl resin to prevent moisture infiltration caused by humidity and rain. This will prevent shrinking, swelling, rotting, and warping.
  • Sustainability – Vinyl siding is more sustainable than many other siding options, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact with a quality product that requires less manufacturing and transportation waste.
  • Curb Appeal – Our Premium Vinyl Siding comes in a wide range of colors to match your design aesthetic. We can also ensure that the color of your siding will last for a long time with Ti-Shield titanium dioxide to prevent ultraviolet degradation and DesignersChoice pigment concentrates for uniform colors that go clear through the panels.

Both of our Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding and our Classic Premium Vinyl Siding options offer heavy-duty thickness for solid rigidity and straight, smooth walls. They also offer high-quality locking systems that eliminate any gaps between panels. Our home siding products offer the following additional benefits:

  • Durable and Dent Resistant
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Wide Variety of Colors
  • Never Needs Painting
  • Sustainability
  • Curb Appeal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Not only do we carry the best selection of siding materials for homeowners in Toledo, but we also offer trusted installation to give our customer’s the very best home siding replacement available. Our crews offer decades of combined experience and are highly trained in home siding installation. Contact us today for more information about our siding products and installation services.

Trusted Installation Services for Toledo

Ultimately how much money you spend on a new roof, replacement door, window, or siding product won’t matter if it is not installed properly. The experts at ARMORVUE Home Exteriors offer the experience and skill necessary to ensure that homeowners throughout Toledo get the most out of their home improvement project investment. They are skillfully trained, bonded, and fully insured.

Our technicians will install your roof, doors, windows, or siding the right way the first time so you can expect superior durability, insulation, protection, and style.your expectations and last for years. Contact ARMORVUE Home Exteriors today to get a free estimate and schedule your installation in Toledo.

Protect Your Investment with a Lifetime Warranty

We provide homeowners peace of mind on their new window, roof, door, or siding with a LIFETIME LIMITED TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY. Request a quote now to get the specific details of the warranty that accompanies your chosen products and installation services in Toledo and the Southeastern Michigan area.



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