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Gray steel front door of home with porch and flowersThe entryway door plays a crucial role in any home. While the front door adds aesthetic value, it also provides security against outside threats. Steel entry doors are some of the strongest available, making them an excellent option for any customer who wishes to enhance the security of their home.

ARMORVUE Home Exteriors is an industry leader that provides home exterior services in the Greater Toledo area. We serve residents across northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, offering replacement services for doors, windows, siding, and roofing. Learn more about how our steel exterior doors and installation services can help improve the look and functionality of your home.

About Steel Entry Doors

Many homeowners prefer steel for entry doors over other materials. Consider the following benefits of steel exterior doors:

Enhanced Security

Strength often comes to mind when you think of a steel front door. Steel doors are durable to withstand more wear and tear than other types of doors. Doors with a weaker composition can allow unwanted entry if enough force is applied. Steel doors are better suited to keep intruders out and will provide you and your family with a high level of security.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Steel is an exceptionally good conductor of heat and cold, enabling steel doors to better regulate the temperature inside your home. This advantage is especially beneficial for customers who experience extreme weather conditions, as steel doors can help to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Furthermore, because steel doors aren’t prone to cracking or warping like other types of doors, they will seal more effectively. This keeps drafts out and helps to ensure the desired air temperature remains inside your home.

Low Maintenance

Another great advantage of a steel entryway door is less maintenance requirements. Steel doors are resistant to scratches, dents, or any other types of damage. Their durability makes them far more capable of maintaining their strength and appearance. To keep steel doors looking and performing like new, homeowners only need to wipe them down with a damp cloth periodically.

Curb Appeal

Homeowners take pride in their place of residence. Therefore, curb appeal is important. As the primary focal point of your home’s exterior, your entryway door can elevate its appearance. Steel doors are offered in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing property owners to seamlessly match the aesthetics of their homes.

Cost and ROI

Steel doors are a more cost-effective option compared to other types of front doors. Because of its superior durability, low maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency, the initial investment in a steel door can translate to long-term savings on maintenance needs and energy bills.

Our Selection of Steel Exterior Doors

ARMORVUE Home Exteriors offers steel doors in several styles, sizes, and designs. To better serve our customers, steel doors at ARMORVUE Home Exteriors are available in numerous customization options. Customers can select from the following options:

  • Hardware: Customers can customize the look of their steel door by choosing from different styles of handles, levers, knobs, and deadbolts in multiple finishes.
  • Color: Our steel doors are available in several colors to match the design of your home’s exterior.
  • Glass: Glass panels can be incorporated into your steel door to offer a view of the outdoors and bring natural light into your home. Glass panels are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs.
  • Sidelites and transoms: Homeowners can make their steel door more visually appealing with the addition of a transom above the door or with sidelites. Our inventory consists of several types of transoms and sidelites in different shapes and designs.
  • Accessories: Make your steel door one-of-a-kind by incorporating our available door accessories, such as mail slots, kick plates, peep sites, pet doors, and door knockers.

At ARMORVUE Home Exteriors, we proudly stand by our products. All of our steel doors are made in the USA and include a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

Our Process

ARMORVUE Home Exteriors is committed to providing every client with unmatched service to exceed customer satisfaction. Our replacement steel door services begin with a free in-home consultation. During this time, an ARMORVUE Home Exteriors representative will inspect the job site and note important details about the project. At this time, customers express how they wish the final product to look, including what styles, designs, colors, and customization options they have in mind.

With the necessary information, our team forms an installation plan to best meet the needs of the homeowner. Once a plan has been crafted, a date and time will be set to begin work. Once we arrive on-site, our technicians work diligently to perform installation services. We aim to create as little of an inconvenience to our customers as possible.

Upgrade a Front Entryway Door with ARMORVUE Home Exteriors

Enhance your home’s security and appeal with a steel entryway door from ARMORVUE Home Exteriors. Located in Northwood, Ohio, and serving homeowners across northeast Ohio and southeast Michigan, our inventory of steel front doors includes numerous features and options.

In addition to a vast selection, ARMORVUE Home Exteriors provides professional installation. Our technicians will properly install your new steel door so that you can get the most out of your home exterior upgrade. For more information about steel doors and their advantages, or to schedule your free in-home consultation,
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